Viking: Battle for Asgard intro and progress report from IGN

It's been about a month since IGN touched base with Viking, but things seem to be going well for Skarin, a warrior who looks suspiciously like YouTube's Techno Viking and who you control on his quest to take down Hel, queen of the underworld. IGN visited SEGA's San Francisco office and got to dig into one of the Viking's islands along with the missions, quests, weapons and magic the landmass contained.

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Neurotoxin3974d ago

"PS3 Version Less Sharp"

So its another blurry Non-AA Ps3 title, can the PS3 GPU actually achieve any sort of AA at all? I`m a PS3 owner and to be honest i think the GPU of the PS3 is cack, it just doesn`t match up to ATI`s Xenos in some departments...... the one`s that matter.

I played PS3 Smackdown the other day and the Jagged lines are horrendous, its like they drew the character`s on a Etcha-Sketch... its truly awful.

Rikitatsu3974d ago

they all say hello to you!

Actually , Uncharted have the sharpest textures in every console game i saw

it all depends on the Devs really .. Creative assembly (ppl behind battle for asgrad) were famous for deveopling on PC ... so they found the 360 architecture familiar ... but the PS3 was so different

Experienced Devs like Betheseda and infinty ward etc... make the PS3 ports looks good if not better than 360