First 10 Minutes Rainbow Six Vegas 2

InsideGamer has released the first ten minutes of the sequel Rainbow Six Vegas 2. It shows how the game NOT begins in Las Vegas, but in France.

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picker3323967d ago

Gonna buy this forsure!

When is this game gonna come out in eu?

Counter_ACT3967d ago

Cool. It was annoying when they all talked at once though, I hope that doesn't happen too often.

LastDance3967d ago

At this point. the difference between rainbow 6 1 and 2... is

The graphics.

..... Great.

spandexxking3967d ago

why change anything else the gameplay is great. and its vegas 2, rainbow six started long before this gen. plus there is a new ranking system, abilties(sprint) and weapons. vegas 2 is gonna be sweet.

Kleptic3967d ago

the graphics to me seem to be pretty much the same as the first one...same goofy shadow transitions...same poor lighting on NPC's faces...and same lame mono-tone particle effects...

the environments seemed a little better I guess...

I do like the idea of a sprint feature though...that will definitely help with some of the really longer areas...

I wonder if Vegas 2 single player still has the retarded fact of every body disappearing after not looking at it for a few seconds...that has always been one of the lamest things about UE3 single player games imo...Gears had awesome piles of meat laying everywhere...but they wouldn't be there if you back tracked a little to see your mess...unacceptable...the first Vegas did the same thing...I would buy that crap in Goldeneye 10 years ago...but times have changed...hell CoD 4's multiplayer leaves corpses lying around longer than a UE3 based games single player does (not sure if Bioshock falls into this, can't remember...haven't played it in months)...

LastDance3967d ago

Hmm still i was much more impressed when i first saw COD4.

I have been playing Rainbow 6 since it first came out all those years ago, and i have to say i enjoyed the single player alot more back then compared to R6Vegas's.

The video looked good but, so lifeless.

give me something fresh.

The Closing3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Well the graphics have come quite a long way in such a short span.

light3967d ago

i wonder if it is as smooth as cod 4 with frag fx. would be great.

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