Nyko Zero Wireless rumbles into stores

Nyko, the premier peripherals manufacturer, announced today that it has shipped its highly anticipated Zero Wireless Controller for PlayStation 3. The Zero Wireless Controller provides a combination of style and performance with new rumble capabilities. The Zero Wireless Controller for PS3 is now available at retailers nationwide for the suggested retail price of $59.99.

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xsteinbachx3930d ago

As cool as this third party looks. I'll stick to my Sony controller since everything else matches.

level 3603930d ago

Would'nt mind giving this one a try.
The bigger size might make some difference.
Don't even mind the looks, as long as it works.

Have a lot of complaints with my DualShock3 PS3 pads:

>> Still way too small even for my average hands
>> L1/R2 trigger button wrong design - fingers keep slipping, have to buy aftermarket add-on
>> L3/R3 sticks also quite slippery
>> Don't know if you have noticed this at all - the angle at which your right thumb is pushing the ( X ) button actually causes pain in the joints, reason being because of the relatively small size of said control pads.
Those who have both PS3 and XBox360 consoles will defintely know what I mean. On the XBox, your right thumb almost sits comfortably flat.

skynidas3929d ago

I prefer to wait for the dualshock 3

Agente473928d ago

I'll buy a couple if they get to Portugal.