Noby Noby Boy PS3 Details

The Official PlayStation Magazine recently had an exclusive interview with Keita Takahashi - the creator of the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive Noby Noby Boy.

Quite a few new details are revealed.

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Bebedora3968d ago

Takahashi is a weirdo in a good sense. Hope this is coming soon.

Palodios3968d ago

Why haven't I been informed? This is big news! Can't wait.

longduckdong3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

the green phallus

should B RATED M

Bebedora3968d ago

Ok, maybe not, but I respect Takahashi. My philosophy is on his wavelength.

DFresh3967d ago

I guess I'll try it out if they have a demo first and if not i'll just play from one of my gamer friends here in Sacramento.