Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 25/2 – 2/3

Sony's PSP has shaken up the Japanese hardware chart this week. It sold just over 20 000 more units than last week to take the number 1 spot for the week ending the 2nd of March.

The PSP sold 73 706 units this week in comparison to 53 373 units last week, toppling the Wii off the top spot and beating it by roughly 9 000 units. The Wii sold 64 535 units, marginally higher than last week's 63 504 units.

The Nintendo DS takes third place on the chart with 51 922 units, slightly higher than last week's 50 151 units. Last week the PS3 sold 14 060 units, this week it only manages 13 520 units, while its predecessor the PS2 sells 10 986 units in comparison to 9 634 units last week. The Xbox 360 takes last place on the chart with 2 282 units, slightly up from last week's 2 001 units.

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killer_trap3975d ago

hopefully the ps3 will follow in the foot steps of it's younger brother and blossom in japan.

darkshiz3974d ago

It will when great I mean GREAT game comes out.

PSP flourished after Crisis Core came out.

Harry1903974d ago

would be more accurate to say older sister.
those psp sales are crazy.

eagle213974d ago

I agree with Killer Trap, in time buddy in time...

Meus Renaissance3974d ago

Worrying sales for PlayStation 3. I don't think any game has given it a consistent good performance for more than a week, am I right or wrong on that? Anyone check?

DrWan3974d ago

I dont think Yakuza is recorded since it ends 3-2, next week we should see a boost.

Guwapo773974d ago

The problem I believe is happening with the "lack luster" sales recently are due to the lack of RPGs. Japan is huge on RPGs and "we" are severely lacking in this area.

PSP got FFVII:CC and look what has happened to the PSP.

Sony bring out those RPGs and you'll rain as King in Japan.

I'd hate for this to go on until FFXIII and Versus is released.

rawg3973d ago

I think people in Japan might be waiting for the Yakuza 3 bundle which would put a damper on sales in the weeks immediately prior to the launch.

Genki3974d ago

I'm sure Sony is still hard at work cutting manufacturing costs(they'd be idiots not to), so if there's another price cut by years end(which I doubt, to be honest), coupled with the compelling list of titles slated for this year...sales should be very good.

Junior45653974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

maybe if they just bring a new premium model with bc I think that will be enough or at least swap out those six-axis with the ds3

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