Microsoft Blogger : "PS3 + Xfire... Not as Cool as it Seems"

Microsoft Blogger Andre Vrignaud who works at Microsofts game division share his thoughts about Sony combining Xfire with their own online service.

"What we end up with is a bit of a mishmash of online accounts, logins, and services. For example, now when I play a PS3 title I simply can't depend on having a single Friends list. Sony will manage the 'master' list, which should have presence in every PS3 title, and Xfire will be a plugin that some publishers integrate into some games. This means gamers can't depend on finding their friends in one place (if the game even supports Xfire)...

Another challenge is that Xfire is now effectively middleware-and that's not free. Had Sony purchased and integrated Xfire into their SDK I could see the effective cost of integration being 'free' to publishers. Now, unfortunately, each and every publisher has to look at their budget and decide whether adding a second online service/friends list/presence is worth it. I have no idea what Xfire's licensing costs are, but whatever it is, it's not free-Sony lost that opportunity. And that means publishers have to decide whether to spend extra dollars, effort, and time in an era when game costs are already spiraling higher and higher.

Sadly, this appears to be an artifact of Sony's online service being late to the game and likely underwhelming."

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Sphinx5902d ago

...with what the blogger guy said. However, Sony may surprise all of us with some super-dee-duper online service.

TheMART5902d ago

Like they surprised us with the super-dee-duper greatness of the PS2 online service? Which already should blow anything out of the water?

Riighhtttt I always said it already, read my posts back.

PS3 gamers will pay per game in the end. Playing 2 games online will probably be cheaper then XBL (which you actually can get cheaper then 50 dollars also, I have a 12 month XBOX 1 Live subscription for 20 Euro a piece and those can be activated on the 360 also!).

BUT when you want to play for example 6 games on live, I bet you are loosing a lot of money! And a non unified service stinks like rotten fish.

Too bad Sony, f*cking up again and raping your customers once again. I doubt there will be a PS4!

Maddens Raiders5901d ago

It's "theFart" errr I mean "themart"....

Jakens5902d ago

Good News for gamers...there will be a PS4
Bad News for gamers...You might have to wait about a 7+ year cycle Sony has going on.

specialguest5902d ago (Edited 5902d ago )

of course a MICROSOFT blogger is going to find things wrong with the PS3 + Xfire partnership. KEYWORD: Microsoft

he's certainly not going to last long in his job if he points out the positive parts of this partnership. some of you complain about sites like IGN, 1up, and CNet having a biased opinion. well guess what?

the source of this article comes directly from one who works for Microsoft and gets PAID. this is beyond bias! haha why can't we just admit that Sony would have been worse off without Xfire. so Xfire does provide an immediate benefit. there's your positve fact!

TheMART5902d ago (Edited 5902d ago )

Yeah ofcourse, Sony would be worse of having nothing at all then having a semi updated PS2 online system.

Come on. This is not what it should have been. A unified, one login network like XBL. Premium service, but free. It certainly looks like it's not. First off, not premium because multiple services also gamespy and others, logins per game, paying per game, costs are not clear, it's just Sony overpromissing AGAIN

And yeah it's a MS employee. But still his story seems valid. If it was a Sony employee they would just say how great and free the network is, now you get a very harsh verdict. I think this one is more honest then Ken always tells his wet dreams, don't you think so?

eques judicii5902d ago

but his arguments are reasonable and he does say that sony had the opportunity to be successful and even said that they may still pull something out of their arses. But for now, without a unified structure, it doesn't seem that great.

LAWMAN5902d ago

I was surprised that you had a couple of well thought out and argued posts, then I see this "Too bad Sony, f*cking up again and raping your customers once again. I doubt there will be a PS4!"

I won't be surprised if you lose bubbles again.

Anyway, I have had no problem with PS2's online experience. I think SOCOM 3 is great. In many ways I like it more than XBox Live - I'm not a fan of it. There's a lot of speculation about the onlice service and the truth is that no one can really say if it's good or bad until it comes out.

TheMART5902d ago

Listen Lawman. It happened to me with the PS2. So I and for sure many other PS2 users feel that way. This time again, no unified online service. Some sort of grabbing together multiple login services. So yup, they're doing it again. If I loose bubbles over that post, I'd think it's strange. Because it is going that way. If you like it or not.

I always only hear other PS2 users talking about SOCOM 3. The only game they talk about with Sony's PS2 online service. Isn't that a strange sign?

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Balance5902d ago

if you have any sony products (i do) that require software you know sony can not write application software at all, it is horrible. my point is don't expect any super duper announcement, what you are seeing is probably what you are getting.

4me25902d ago (Edited 5902d ago )

Vegas and DVD Architect are really good.

Phenom195902d ago

i think i'll just give sony the benefit of the doubt on this one, i'll set my standards low but i still expect something positive coming

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