Edge Feature: Reel Gaming

Edge writes: How videogames are invading the big screen, again, including a comprehensive run-down of all the major titles making their way to Tinseltown.

Even before Hollywood's screenwriters went on strike, Tinseltown was desperate for new ideas. Having translated most popular comic book characters, and even niche superheroes, to the big screen multiple times through reboots and sequels, videogames have become the 'new comics' in Los Angeles.

Despite the majority of videogame translations tanking at the box office, including high-profile $70 million potential blockbusters like Doom and everything controversial independent filmmaker Uwe Boll has done (most recently the $60 million star-studded fantasy film In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale), Hollywood continues to license videogames in the hopes of capturing a global audience of gamers.

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