That Game Company (Cloud, flOw, flOwer) video interview

1UP interviews That Game Company founders / developers Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago about the Cloud (PC), flOw (PS3, PSP) and flOwer (PS3) games.

If you're at all interested in those games or indie games in general, be sure to check out the interesting interview where the developers talk about their reasoning behind past and future titles.

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permutated3966d ago

Such a cool and unique game company.

Glad that people like them still exist in this 'epic game' obsessed culture.

DFresh3966d ago

These college students have some major skills in game development.
I still can't believe this game Flow was made by 6 people.
Cloud also seems interesting I want to seek out this game and play it on my PC.
Looking forward to playing Flower on the PS3and whatever title they have being made in the game lab right now.