Xbox 360 granted Good Design Award

Japan's Good Design Awards are handed out each year to well-designed products across a wide range of industries. Past winners in the game industry have included Nintendo's DS lite and Game Boy micro and Sony's PlayStation 2 and PSP. This year's nominees were examined carefully between June and September and the stylish design of Microsoft's Xbox 360 looks to have caught the eye of the judges.

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PS360PCROCKS5899d ago

So it did win or it didn't it doesn't really clarify...anyways it's not selling in Japan so it doesn't matter if they think it's stylish really

Dancryer5899d ago

Dead Rising recently sold out in japan, So I guess someone's buying the consoles over there ...

PS360WII5899d ago

what's next award for most winks at a console during a gaming event?

Boink5898d ago

after how fugly the xbox was to japan, that's a big step:)

THELANDSOFSAND5898d ago (Edited 5898d ago )

next comes the Great Design Award!

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