11 Dead Space Screens

EA has released 11 screen shots of Dead Space via Geekpulp
"The pictures show show some of the basic creatures that you will be seeing a lot of during the game"

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Cartesian3D3975d ago

this Idea is getting old ... I saw some vid s about this game.. and I wasnt impressed atall..

its another shooter about aliens in future.. nothing outstanding (graphics,gameplay,design,arts tyle,character.... etc )

may be it will be a 8+ game ..despite the fact that its from EA!
(cough* Army of two cough^ )

CaliGamer3975d ago

But with EA being involved I doubt I will be picking this up especially being a PS3 owner. Doing good on Burnout Paradise doesn't convince me that that game wasn't just a fluke and they will resort back to their old "Madden" ways of cutting corners on the PS3 version.

Looks good though, might check it out used or something.

permutated3975d ago

You're nothing more than a contradiction wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a a shoe box thrown off a plane into the ocean.