GameSpy: State of the Station: Post-GDC Fallout

Sterling McGarvey of GameSpy writes: Well, I prepped a mid-GDC State of the Station, but the pace of the show, and Sony's muted presence, made me decide to hold off and collect my thoughts. I felt like the biggest message from GDC was "it's hard to program for the PS3, and here's how we'll help." Out of Sony's bigger GDC presentations on Thursday (Home, PhyreEngine, Insomniac's Nocturnal Initiative), I hit two of the three, missing PhyreEngine to get the pieces up in the timeliest fashion. Maybe I hit the wrong two.

Although my approach to covering Home and Nocturnal was fairly detached, I found this year's GDC to be a rather somber affair for Team PlayStation. In particular, the Home panel concerned me, in spite of the news from Kotaku that many first-party games will have intriguing virtual spaces. Granted, this is an outsider looking in; media will probably be among the last people to get into the beta before it goes fully public, and I think that's because any negative coverage could potentially hurt the perception of Home before others can try it out. It's a fair assessment.

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