Massive New GTA IV Hands-on

This in-depth feature article runs through the specifics on how the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV release plays. Gameplayer run test each of the new gameplay features and the new control system. While generally optimistic, they do find some flaws that hope the developer will fix.

"Well get ready, because the Rockstar engine just went up a gear and that roar is about to get a lot louder. They're been baiting you, drip-feeding you tantalising details to maintain the GTA addiction, and now they're getting to the good stuff. If GTA is a drug, then we're the dealer, because it's hands-on time baby, so buckle up!"

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S1D3 EFFEC73930d ago

As soon as I finish I will download the extra content.


Kick ass. Definitely getting the lead sku.

poopsack3930d ago

look who's in the open zone, wonder why.

jinn3930d ago

Game of the Year only if Gears of War 2 turns out bad

SlappingOysters3930d ago

Gears of war is going to need a lot of improvements over the original. GoW 1 got away with some average design decisions by being the first next-gen game of teh generation. Not so lucky second time around

DG3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Good indepth preview. Now Im getting excited. I knew Rockstar would pull through. Its not about the graphics its how much the games sucks you in into its environment and how much fun it is. As most previews have confirmed its all there. Now I need to go check if my $5 preorder is still there at EBG. I always just ran around blowing $hit up half way through the missions and thats intact and better than ever so Im sold. Plus Imagine doing it in Co-Op. It has to be there its been there before. I honestly think the online stuff is only going to be 2 player co-op nothing more...honestly thats OK. Anything above that is just amazing. But deathmatches in the environments what the previews described would be amazing. These are the type of games that get the masses going as they are fun and "cool".