Splinter Cell Dominates Top Gamefly List!

Well it looks like everyone is anticipating the glorious return of Sam Fisher on the Xbox 360...

Here is the list of the top requested Gamefly games this week

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Capt CHAOS5901d ago

4 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Sports Electronic Arts
5 Gears of War Shooter Microsoft


TheXgamerLive5901d ago (Edited 5901d ago )

A true Mutha F*****G dream come true. Ok, maybe I'll calm down, but seriously this will be an awesome and a most definative title for the Xbox 360. UBI has done an excellent job at bringing a new level of freedoms to our fifth freedoms. I saw my first TV commercials on this game today on SPIKE TV. I have next weekend off from work and my school homework will be put on a temporary hiatus. I'm going to fully absorb myself. I only have 480P at this time but atleast I also have surround sound and Daytona's schroomers pizza n wings on my speed dial.