Xbox India boss quits may join Nintendo to oversee Wii launch in India

Phil Harrison isn't the only game exec to recently leave his former employee and end up elsewhere! Xbox India boss Mohit Anand oversaw the Xbox 360 launch there and was one the most recognizable faces in India's quickly growing gaming industry.

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ktchong3930d ago

Peter Moore left Microsoft and joined EA is not embarrassing, because Microsoft and EA are not direct competitors.

Phil Harrison left Sony and ioined Infogramers is not embarrasing, because Sony and Infogramers are not direct competitors.

Microsoft and Nintendo are direct competitor in the console arena. So basically a top guy in Microsoft just jumped over to a competitor.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3930d ago

if it wasnt for this article would you even know that guys name or the fact that he even existed?

ktchong3930d ago

I submitted several stories about Anand and Xbox India in the past.

Capt CHAOS3930d ago

This is not a big deal. His role is done and the 360 will move on without him. If anything I suspect the biggest influence in India may well be how the market does in the USA.

Exhaust3930d ago

This guy knows his territory. Nintendo saw that he did a great job launching the 360 in India so they bought him out for their launch.

It's not like he effected the product in anyway. Still the same 360 just with Hindi language instruction manuals.

Qbanboi3930d ago

This is not a BIG deal, but it may affect MS in the future. I mean, India is a growing market (and it's like the 2 more populated country on earth). So...who knows...

Richdad3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Yeah this guy took 360 to much better grounds than xbox 1 but the reason was that MS also spended money they put a demo 360 in even small malls allowed Big Bazzar( leading shopping store cahin in Inidia) to sell 360 Mohit did play his role but MS spended money to make ground here. Although its still not very great since the market is so much full of grey marketers and that from NES time and PS1 and PS2 made a terrefic boast in piracy bussiness but yeah still one thing done was that you can esily get a 360 orignal games in the market. That was not case with any other console and LIve also gave feature like free study material so to encourage people to themselves leave piracy but all this required funding and MS saw a big market here so they invested here ( not to the scale of US, Europe or even Japan though). So Mohit was able to make it appeal to the market.
Wii on the other hand is moded and is already selling here at cost cheaper than any console but still a lot of people dont buy it because dont think that India is close to Japan or is a Asian country so many people prefer casual games or Japanes stuff right away, no way, just check out the market only FPS, Racing games and sports game sell in India RPG dont do good and JRPG's well most people dont even like to play it for free, yeah beleive even PS2 was a hit very few people played any of the FF games and Wii games seem to be even less appealing due to fancy and childish character.

creeping judas3930d ago

people jump over to competitors all the time. When someone leaves Citibank to go and work over at Wells Fargo for a better income, Citibank isnt embarrased??

but then again, maybe there are forums for bankers too, and they chat about how embarassing it was to Citi that Chuck Prince left??

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enoonmai3930d ago

This guy is the Country Manager for Xbox India's Entertainment and Devices Division.

He was instrumental in the Xbox 360 launch in India and the eventual launch of Xbox LIVE as well.

mighty_douche3930d ago

lets all just be realistic... THIS WILL NOT EFFECT THE 360. People come and go a lot, whether they join a competitor or not, I'm still a little unsure why these articles get so much attention.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33930d ago

Peter Moore now Mohit Anand???
The xbox360 ship is sinking!!! ;-D

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33930d ago

People change jobs all the time. I did ;-D
Its got nothing to do with anything really.

mighty_douche3930d ago

Why write one thing in this zone, and the complete opposite in the other?

Do you really crave attention so much?

Exhaust3930d ago

Was thinking the same thing...

Maybe this "Phil" has multiple personalities or something.

One half of his brain thinks its no big deal the other things Xbox is a doomed sinking ship. I bet he argues with himself endlessly about it.

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