Super Smash Bros. Brawl Midnight Launches

From Wii Live...

"You might want to give you're local GameStop a call. About a week ago, I called one of my local GameStops, the one I originally reserved at when I picked up Super Mario Strikers back in July. My friend stopped by to reserve Brawl, and he gets told that they will not be holding a midnight launch, nor a tournament…? I decided to call for myself to make sure because this is the same GameStop I called a week ago that said they were having a midnight launch. The employee simply says "No we are not". Well, after reserving Brawl at that GameStop, you can imagine what I said afterwards."

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sumfood4u3971d ago

Don't 4~get to move yur clocks ahead an hour Saturday! lol

MACHone3971d ago

Especially since we are FORCED to do a midnight launch at Game Crazy. You'd think every GameStop would be required to do one, too, especially with that big, fancy tournament they got going. I'd say that there's a good chance that the guy he talked to probably doesn't work there enough to know what the hell is really going on.

3971d ago
jinn3971d ago

but kids are not to be up that late

TruthbeTold3971d ago

So that's why you aren't getting Brawl? I thought it was just because you don't like the Wii. :p

natural07213971d ago

just got a call fromm gamesstop and they are indeed having the midnight sale just got the call halfhour ago

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