Solidus in MGS4?

Did a look over of this MGS4 wallpaper that was just released about a week ago. On close inspection you can see the small image of what appears to be Solidus Snake. Check near the side of the paper next to Snakes leg. There are also several other characters, although it is difficult to pinpoint which ones. Very interesting although I would seriously doubt Solidus being in this game.

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Kwijiboe3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Sniper Wolf is somewhere in there too, I think it could be anything having anything to do with the series.

Thats why it's in the dissolve picture

sonarus3971d ago

expect there to still be a lot of surprises. I like as we have only seen a taste and i like how no videos have leaked. Hear MGS4 is locked in a high security facility where no cell phones are allowed so no one tries to release it and spits spoilers out before time

barom3971d ago

Did Solidus ever die? I don't really remember.

m91058263970d ago

It was kind of implied that he was killed. He was katana-ed off of the building and fell a very long way onto the base of a statue. Of course, the whole end of the game was kinda screwy, so who knows.

Hatchetforce3971d ago

Sniper Wolf and Fortune. Possibly others. I don't think it means they will be in there but are simply elements from his past.

prayforjoejoe3971d ago

That makes more sense actually, but very cool to say the least.

RJ20003971d ago

The best one is making a come back. PYSCHOMANTIS!! I am pumped!

ShinFuYux3971d ago

that's the cyborg ninja from mgs1

Cartesian3D3971d ago

the one whom we couldnt shoot him with gun?

I want a MGS1 remake for PSN :(

RecSpec3971d ago

They already did a MGS remake once, wasn't as good as the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.