Is Xbox 360 safe for kids?

The Xbox 360 console has become a feature in many children and teenagers bedrooms or game rooms the past few years and a lot of parents have been wondering if these console are safe for their kids.

Threr are a few ways in which your child can become unsafe in a Xbox 360 game. The first way is if the child plays on Xbox Live then you will want to keep an eye on how they are playing and interacting.

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Rikitatsu3968d ago

NO!! keep Your kids away... it can Explode in any minute !!

lol j/k

socomnick3968d ago

The xbox 360 is perfectly safe but for the sake of us adults please do not buy your children Xbox live accounts. I have grown tired of their prepubescent voices makes you want to kick a baby sometimes.

The Killer3968d ago

what happened when the 360 becoming RROD and start making smoke in a child bedroom??
live is full of perverts and loosers and blood thirsty gamers playing bloody games!

BrianC62343968d ago

Not only will the 360 possibly hurt kids, there aren't any good games for kids on the 360. The PS3 is the console kids should be getting. Sony has made a lot of great kids games. If the kids don't want a Wii get a PS3. What good kids games does the 360 have anyway? Even Rare's kiddie games seem to get poor reviews. It's like Sony said, the 360 is all about FPS games. And we all know those aren't for kids.

Danja3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

yes it's perfectly safe for kids...the PSN doesn't need whinny lil foul mouth brats..keep em on XBL.

princejb1343968d ago

i agree keep the little kids on xbox live
im tired of all the foul mouth people have on xbox live

BLUR1113968d ago

yeah, the british kids are so annoying that are like that , and most little annoying kids don't have a ps3 cause it aint got halo lol so they stay on live. So wen playing online u have to hear it alot. live is too bad about sh-t talkers to, kids with big heads and think there gangsters

heihoosilver3968d ago

isn´t ps3 network open? you can surf the net, isn´t it even dangerous for kids? There are people who really wants to start wars. some people really rae re!ard. This site is really going down to mediocrety.

Truplaya3968d ago

I think its safe enough for kids but i wish parents wouldnt buy their younger kids 18 cert games like GoW.

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The story is too old to be commented.