New Mafia 2 screenshots

2K Czech published a new batch of Mafia 2 screenshots. Enjoy.

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xhi43931d ago

these open world games........GTA IV Mafia 2 The Getaway 3 Eight Days Crackdown YAYA! lol

captainjy3931d ago

If those are in-game screens, it's going to be an awesome game!

thetorontokid3931d ago

looking good, wonder if these are pc pics.

masterg3931d ago

Ahh man Mafia was one of my all time favorite games. On PC of course. The PS2 version did not live up to the PC version.

Lots of people hated it because it took everything slow.
Like the fact that you had to be a cab driver for an hour or so before the mafia needed your help. Or when you walked a girl home to her apartment you actually walked her home and it took like 5 minutes.

The graphics at the time was some of the very best, and by the look of these screen shots this is no different.

One more game goes on my top 10 for this year. Now I just gotta deside which game has to leave it :)

chrizzl0r3931d ago

I loved the "slow" parts of the game - they created an awesome atmosphere that made me complete the game for more than 10 times. I just loved it ... driving in the country side, listening to Django Reinhardt's gipsy jazz - just rad.
The screenshots are great, I'm so hyped on Mafia II - can't wait.