Why The PS3 Still Isn't Hacked


"Why isn't the PS3 broken already?" We hear this every day. Someone somewhere thinks they can write a better media player with HD support. A guy wants to release his game but needs the RSX for the amazing graphics it can generate. Why can't we just tear open the PS3 solder a few wires and be done with it? The answer is both simpler and more complicated than you might expect.

The PSP, the Wii, even the Xbox 360 have all been hacked and can run homebrew applications so everybody thinks "the PS3 should be just as easy." The PS3 in some ways is as easy, in fact easier. No other console let you install Linux and run anything you want to. Sure Linux on the PS3 is great. You can write your own code and use it. You have the largest collection of applications anywhere (thats right, WAY more than Windows). It's all free (or at a very low cost).

But it's limited. You can't touch the RSX (The very powerful graphics chip in the PS3), you can't use the full hard drive, and nothing is really optimized for the PS3's fantastic Cell processor, this means that what should be fast and easy tends to be slow and cumbersome. In fact, DVD playing which can be done on any modern computer is a monumental task in PS3 Linux."

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decapitator3930d ago

Short answer - "The Power of Cell".

Long asnwer - Sony built one hell of a machine. With the PS3 they really thought about it and it seems to be paying off.

Hydrollex3930d ago

they have to pay 60$ which is alot of money for them. I have been in Turkey and all games were like 2 or 3$ because they were illegal coppied.

360CameFromHell3930d ago

Instead of presenting good explanatory reasons why they can't hack the PS3 he just kept going about how easy the other consoles are to hack, could have been so much better.

Richdad3929d ago

@hydrolex people in developed countries dont pirate since if they do so they will be kicked by the police but in 3rd world countries sales are not high so piracy means good publicity for them so they could capture the market in future.
Yeah but Sony really did a good job because PS1 and PS2 created hell of piracy mafia in these countries.

Massacre3930d ago

Simple, why is because Sony did not rush the game to the market and took their time building a solid machine.

Danja3930d ago

Cuz Sony actually intended to improve upon it's predecessor and build the best console they could unlike some Company who only care about a one year head start so they can brag about how far ahead they are in consoles they just threw together recycled plastic and a semi powerful graphic chip and didn't bother to test the product..>>RROD..!

socomnick3930d ago

Wait I thought Its been proven that the video card in the Xbox 360 is much more powerful than the ps3 one even though it came out a year earlier.

Alcaponeyou3930d ago

socom, you're so far up M$'s ass it's not even funny

Snukadaman3930d ago

looks like sony is so far up your azz you got their d*ck on your breath...socomnick do you happen too have a link too that statement..I never seen nothing like that on these pages..and im quite sure it would of been great fodder by now.

The Killer3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

just imagine majority of people salary is 100-200$ a month even less in some places, do u think they will throw 60$ for playing original games??
as long as there is no hacked ship in the ps3 it wont sell so well in these countries, BUT again these countries never had a market for software sales and they are the very last who joins the current gen of gaming!! right now wats popular is ps2 and will continue for few more years!!and by that time ps3 will be hacked(i hope) but mean while thats good for sony, at least they will get high attach rate much higher than the 360 when ps3 outtake it in install base!

i will be buying some original games, the very big game(FF13,MGS4,GTA,KZ2) but the rest i will wait even 3 more years(1.5 year past already) for the hacked ship so i can get the copy ones! if not then i will just buy 2 games a year!

XiaoSet3930d ago


Learn how to properly use grammar, I guess all Xbug 3fixme users are still in Junior High.

@The Killer

It's "chip" not "SHIP" What the hell?

The Killer3930d ago

i wasnt paying enough attention!

Alcaponeyou3929d ago

you have ur head up socom's @$$ so deep, he goes though his @$$ and up into M$'s @$$

Mr Playboy3929d ago

It seems like ken Kuturgi stole the cell from Aliens LoL

and E.T. is the only one who can unleash the power of the PS3

Snukadaman3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

lets stick too the facts kids.....also when your communicating with droids you have too speak in a manner that they can keep up with..

case in point...droids cant even spell snukadaman...they come up with snuckaman..go watch a movie. caboned.

LJWooly3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

No, the RSX and Xenon GPUs both exceed and fall short in different areas to one another, but in terms of raw number-crunching, they're pretty much equal.

The RSX does have the advantage of utilizing the Cell's SPUs, but I'm not sure any developer has fully utilised this as of yet.

And Snukawhatever, I don't think they really care about you enough to bother to spell your name properly. they must feel all the work that goes in to typing it properly would be wasted energy on you. But that's just my take, I could be wrong :)

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RJ20003930d ago

Being able to rip your games with enough hard drive space.

caffman3929d ago

literally thousands on games

toughNAME3930d ago way...I'll keep this smartass comment to myself