PSU: Japanese Echochrome demo impressions

PSU Writes:

"While the PlayStation Network has had a bounty of high-quality downloadable games since its launch in November 2006, none have made us feel just as Echochrome has. The last time we played a puzzler and felt this peaceful afterwards was, well, never."

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PirateThom3969d ago

I honestly adore this game.

SCE Japan are quickly becoming one of my favourite studios within Sony.

Ape Escape, LocoRoco, Patapon and now this.

Asurastrike3969d ago

Look good. But I know I will die from frustration when I get it.

The gaming GOD3969d ago

If this game is addictive like that then great. But it looks like it will have the same frustration level that intelligent Cube did

MaximusPrime3968d ago

i played the demo and it was pretty good.

I will certainly get this game for my PSP. Im into puzzle games on my PSP.

blusoops3968d ago

You know if you get the PS3 version it's cheaper AND it supports remote play AND supports User Generated Content! It does come w/fewer puzzles (50 i think) but w/the UGC the possibilities are endless!

spandexxking3968d ago

really good demo a bit short though. def gettin it

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The story is too old to be commented.