Europa Universalis III coming to PC in Q1 2007

Koch Media has announced the Q1 2007 release of Europa Universalis III from Paradox Interactive.

Europa Universalis III is the much anticipated new chapter in the acclaimed strategy series and looks to extend the critical acclaim bestowed on the previous two games in the series.


Europa Universalis IV Interview With Chris King

Oyun Fest asked the things you wonder about Europa Universalis IV to game designer Chris ‘King’ King from Paradox development studios.

Oyun Fest: You said military system has been revamped. Would you mind telling us about the new features?

Chris King: Our plan is to retain the same basic building blocks for armies you see in Europa Universalis III. We believe it works very well and gives that blend of being able to influence your armies without too much overt micromanagement. So besides the changes I have mentioned, the core military system will indeed be much the same, because it was one of those things that that worked very well in Europa Universalis III. We applied the first rule of sequels – if it isn´t broken, don’t fix it.......

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The Strategy Gamer: Victory Over The Narrative Failure of Uncharted 3

The Strategy Gamer goes to town on how strategy games portray narrative through gameplay, a detail a lot of popular games haven't considered.

"Games like Uncharted 3 try to cover up weak core gameplay with highly polished non-interactive elements. While Naughty Dog did a fantastic job with those cutscenes, with beautiful graphics, excellent and top notch voice acting, they served as misdirection, as the actual gameplay consisted of weak shooting and poorly designed levels. It is a monstrous error when the greatest feature of a game is a portion where the player does not even get to participate."

Thatguy-3104239d ago

The shooting isn't as smooth as Among thieves even after the patch. People that claim it is are simplu just defending the game. The narrative tried to be so complex that it lost itself. Pacing was all over the place. Presentation is the only thing this installment has over Among Thieves. Overall Among Thieves is better with perfect pacing, perfect character development, and a brilliant narrative. I was amazed how half of the game had you play through the events that led you to the introduction of the game. Maybe i just expected to much from Drake's Deception but can you blame me?

Carl_Shocker4239d ago

Uncharted 3...the game which will be nitpicked to death for years to come

napoleon10664239d ago

I think the gaming press at large got so dazzled by the presentation of the game (which may have been the best of any game ever) that they forgot to review the actual game that came along with it.

coolbeans4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

You don't really extract any points to back up that stance beyond vague terms and compare narration mechanics of games in a completely different genre.

I believe that's what called for Carl's 'nitpick' comment.

Philoctetes4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

I throroughly loved Uncharted 3. IMO it's every bit as good as Uncharted 2. Sorry you didn't like it.

Edit: For the record, I didn't actually read your article. If you think Uncharted 3 features "weak shooting and poorly-designed levels," then it's probably not worth my time to read the rest of what you had to say. No hit for you.

Sobaer4239d ago

The shooting wasn't weak? O_o This is why Naughty Dog acknowledged that fact, and patched it weeks later, right? Because the shooting was perfect?

I'm not saying you are wrong for liking it, I am pro-"everyone has an opinion, mine is mine", but the shooting was pretty terrible in UC3.

majiebeast4239d ago

Ahh its almost been a year lets go bash uncharted 3 again that never gets old...

Sobaer4239d ago

Ahh, let's be sarcastic for no reason and miss the point of the article again, that never gets old.

wiiu_peeu4239d ago

its failed sold hard it sold in the millions and a year later i still play it every single day and online community is always active.

napoleon10664239d ago

I believe what I said was the games was a narrative failure. I won't begrudge its sales performance. I mean, I bought it as well.

MightyPatapon4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

I don't really understand what was wrong with Uncharted 3 and why people need to nitpick it.

Story was more personal and added much-needed depth to Nathan Drake.

Core elements such as shooting and platforming were refined and more puzzles that required you to think were added.

Online was also leagues above Uncharted 2.

But Uncharted 3 does have horribly done stealth sections.

But I guess I'm only calling them horrible because you need insane timing and positioning to really get through the optional stealth sections, and if you failed, Uncharted 3 made you pay, hard.

But at the end of the day, Uncharted 3 was spectacular.