Doom success bodes well for future id XBLA games

id Games CEO Todd Hollenshead has revealed that the success of Doom on XBLA will determine future id releases on the service.

Capt CHAOS6344d ago

I stopped buying from XBLA when I returned by faulty Xbox live and found that my family can no longer play the xbox live arcade games on their profiles.. Old story, beginning to sound like a broken record. But really, my ticket is still open with Xbox support since Feb.. tut tut.

Sphinx6344d ago

Why don't they just play the games on your profile?

BIadestarX6344d ago

And it will stay there for ever. How else do you sudgest microsoft prevents people from distributing illegally the games?

Capt CHAOS6344d ago

Because they then can't compete with me on achievements for that games.. My kids used to love to do that. I also have a fully paid up Xbox live account, which he can't use to play online the same XBLA games..

Liverpool4ever6344d ago

who cares about achievements? the main thing about games is to have FUN..... competing about achievements is ridicules in my opinion, but I know there's many that just think about achievements, poor fellas

Ravenator5296344d ago

If people didn't care about achievements, then developers wouldn't be taking the time to put them in the games.

Part of the fun is actually gaining the achievements.

I know its your opinion though.

Also, if it adds hours of gameplay to a game to gain achievements, how is that a bad thing?

Liverpool4ever6344d ago

You dont buy a game to have the achievements in the game, that's idiotic. That's like, I'm gonna buy Madden 07 even though I think that sport is idiotic, but I want the achievements.. that dosent make any sense. And if you are bored of a game, one achievement is to play 100 hours, then you're forced to play a game you're bored of just to gain the achievements.


well, you could just get a gold account for all your household... my wife and i both use seperate gold accounts...


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Sonic18816h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I do agree that Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness was the worse one 😂 I remember playing some of it and I took it back. That game was just awful in every way. I bought it used at gamestop and glad they had that 7 day return policy for used games 😂

ZeekQuattro57m ago

Simple. He's been hating on the Tomb Raider reboots for years. I can't imagine seeing them at the top of a best TR game list let alone being on the list in general sitting well with him because of it.

RavenWolfx5h ago

I would agree Rise for 1 and the reboot as 2. Shadow is a bit high, though.

Sonic18813h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I think Shadow wasn't even develop by crystal dynamics. I thought it was the worse in the new trilogy

Pyrofire952h ago

That's right. Shadow was developed by Eidos Montreal who who went and made Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy next. (Great game)
Meanwhile after Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics made Marvels Avengers. (bad game)

MeatyUrologist27m ago

Agrees. First two are correct but Shadow should be around 5-6.

terstomp15m ago

For me, Legend should be alot higher (along with the other two ). Shadow, I enjoyed it, but has too much has fluff, as modern games tend to do. Playing the remastered series, and apart from the controls, is very good.


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The Outfit: Destruction on Demand launched soon after the Xbox 360 console itself, and deserves another chance to shine.

zacly1d 3h ago

I thought I was the only one


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