Sony: MS has failed to reach beyond FPS players

360 not stealing any marketshare from Sony says SCEA marketing man

Microsoft made "no real capitalization" of its one-year head start over PS3, and failed to "reach beyond the core first person shooter player", SCEA's Scott Steinberg has said.

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Boldy3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Hahahaa... oh he was serious, well the flops like Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Forza 2, Dead Rising, and Ace Combat 6 (sarcasm) really shows that everyone on the 360 hates variety. All that hype for Fable 2 and Too Human must be excitment for it to fail. (Serious now)What a terrible statement from Sony, I have great respect for Sony but this kinda lowers it a bit. MS is not any better as they are always releasing crap like this. Just leave the fightin to hardware and software sales instead of verbal abuse.

Genesis53968d ago

No what he's saying is you still have the same crowd buying the 360 that bought the original xbox. They didn't expand their fan base.Also they are not getting many of the old PS2 owners. They are staying with the Playstation brand.

Hapimeses3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I don't think the Sony chap said that the 360's average user would only buy FPS games, what I think he said was the 360's average user was from the 'core first person shooter player' demographic.

Thus, of course, other games will sell. However, according to him (and I'm not saying that I agree here), the people buying those games primarily prefer 1st-person shooters, and these people are not historically Sony's primary target audience (although, I assume, they want to attract them, too), especially since many emigrated to Xbox1 anyway. Thus, the 360 isn't attracting a new user base, it is just expanding its existing base, but that doesn't mean only 1st-person shooters will sell on the machine. Does that make sense?

Genesis53968d ago

Yes I follow what you are saying. That sums it up pretty well.

cLiCK_sLiCK93968d ago

Why do you think The Wii is selling like crazy?

Alcohog3968d ago

A little slow there, are ye?

kevoncox3968d ago

" That's not sony crowd"
Killzone, Resistance, lol

I don't even understand how people can say MS is as arrogant as Sony. Ms doesn't talk thrash about Sony. Sony is alway staking cheap shots at MS....

Let me ask Sony this?
MS is at 18 million in 2 years, They sold 26 million last gen in 4 years. Sony sold 150 million in 6 years. They are in at 8 million now.
Souldn't they be worried about their own console and it's Core demographic because they seem to be losing users.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

360 does have alot of good games, but most of those games are FPS. and i prefer TPS. so to me, its nice that Bioshock, Orange Box, and Halo got great scores, but it means absolutely nothing when i consider buying another 360 because i probably wouldn't get those games anyway.

now that doesn't mean when KZ2 and Resistance 2 come out i won't try them. but they aren't my most anticipated games for the year. i'm looking forward to MGS4, SOCOM, Tekken, Motorstorm and year God of War 3, FFXIII, and Twisted Metal......... none of these game are alike, variety is key to me.

Palodios3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

First of all, its closer to 11 million than 8(sold NOT shipped). I do agree with you though, Sony has been a bit too ambitious with the ps3. "People will work harder to pay for a ps3" "people will buy it even without games" and ESPECIALLY their trojan horse tactics.but it is gaining a serious amount of momentum. With blu-ray, huge price reduction in component costs, and an unbelievable 2008 lineup, it looks really good right now.

The ps3's eyetoy, home, singstar, Little Big Planet, Ratchet, possibly Afrika go for the more main stream consumers. The 360 needs to get bigger casual games... viva pinata, Katamari and Banjo Kazooie are a good start, but its true that they haven't expanded into kiddy or casual audiences quite as much. While the ps3 desperately needs a price drop before they can get to the point the ps2 was at, the xbox needs games besides gears, halo spinoffs and the like. Maybe I haven't seen some of the new stuff coming, but I think that's sony's main point here.

Hapimeses3968d ago

Have you a source for those figues? as some seem pretty far out according to the various sites I've visited on the internet.

JsonHenry3968d ago

I have to admit - almost every game I own or rented for the Xbox360 was a FPS. (other than the numerous LIVE Arcade games I own)

Lets start from the beginning- Perfect Dark Zero, Condemned, Quake 4, Prey, R6:V, BioShock, Halo3 (biggest waste of money yet), CoD4, and soon to be R6:V2. I did play a few non FPS games like Kameo and Dead Rising. But mostly FPS games.

I guess maybe I am one of those guys Sony is talking about?

kevoncox3968d ago

I don't undersand the sense of saying most of xbox's good games are FPS. Have you realized what the best games of last year were?


That's the direction that the INDUSTRY IS MOVING IN. Not just the 360, not jus the ps3, not just the PC. THE INDUSTRY!!!!

Sony needs to get the games cracking because it has about 7 unique games from what the ps3 offers. Most of those are SHOOTERS. The best game of the ps3 launch was a FPS( sounds like xbox1 to me) It's best games of next year is a Shooter, a racer and two FPS. Sounds just like what MS offered last year right?

While MS is offering, 2 rpgs, an action adventure game, and a shooter this year? If sony is so concerned why is i following MS's every move? Where is he variety. Ps3 has 2 rpgs total!!!!! 1 of which is an xbox port!!! 1 racer!!!!! They need to focus on themselves and figure out how they are going to sell 140 million more ps3' before xbox 720 is released( i think 2011 or 12). Clocks ticking.

jmare3968d ago

What games are you talking about? Ninja Gaiden 2? Okay, so? What other RPG are you talking about besides Fallout 3? Lost Oddessy? Infinte Undiscovery? You do realize that the last two jrpgs on the 360 haven't done too well, right? And Fallout 3 is not a port. BEthesda is making the versions simultaneously. And even if it was a port, it means it will be better on the PS3, just like Oblivion. And out of all those games, I am willing to bet more people are more interested in Gears 2 than any other game coming for the 360 this year.

Hapimeses3968d ago

That's only the 360 numbers. Do you have links for the others?

And, if I remember correctly, wasn't Super Mario Galaxy the best game of the year according to Metacritic?

Palodios3968d ago

I can think of eight rpgs for the ps3 off the top of my head, FF:LR, Mist of Chaos, Valkyrie Chronicles, the chopin game, white knight chronicles, fallout 3, disgaea 3. That's quite a few more than two.

FPS are becoming a big part of the industry, sure, but killzone, Gears, Resistance 2, COD5 will very likely be buried under huge games from various other genres such as Little Big Planet, Super Smash Brothers, Too Human, MGS, Grand Turismo, Mario Kart, Banjo Kazoie, Grand Theft Auto and the like. Okay, well, maybe those FPS games will still sell millions, but they may not be shoe-in GOTY contenders like last year.

poopsack3968d ago

You are not very bold
Of course these games will sell, cuz they are big titles, but he's talking about expanding from xbox1 shooter userbase, which hasn't happened. If you would've read the title you wouldn't have had to make that list. We can all make lists you know.

Update: I see these other guys pretty much covered it up.

sonarus3968d ago

Time for 360 owners to swoop in and defend their console lol. To be honest msoft has put in way more effort to reach beyond the shooter demographic than sony has but to be frank msoft wasted their head start. Analysts are predicting ps3 will surpass xbox360 this yr and xbox 360 is probably going to sell less this yr than last yr because of no halo. Personally i hate FPS but that is the direction the industry is moving so i have adjusted and now i play fps from time to time but will always prefer Third person shooters. Msoft did put in a valiant effort but they couldn't win europe and failed woefully in JP. The last battle ground is in the US and ps3 will most likely edge them out too. Msoft got confident they should have been working out deals securing exclusives for 2008. Instead they were busy flashing 2007 exclusives distracting fans from the fact nothing lay ahead in 08

3968d ago
sonarus3968d ago

haha no need to get insulting. They aren't MY predictions they are from analysts. Thats how you can tell a fanboy when they start insulting pointlessly. Analysts predict worldwide ps3 sales will surpass 360 this yr. Xbox 360 sold less than it did during its launch yr even with all its major exclusives now there are very few exclusives so i have to assume they will once again be selling less. Also don't forget the competition between the 360 and ps3 has gotten tighter than ever so ps3 is going to start stealing 360 sales. Sorry if its not what you like to here but with a little common sense anyone can see this is what will happen

kevoncox3968d ago

And I'm not talking about the Zelda guy.
Show me 1 anylast stasaid that? See that's how i know fanboys, they make up stries and them blame it on others...

I'll be waiting.

3968d ago
scoobysnacks3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

.....before you call people out (and I know you've been around this site long enough to of read the predictions of analysts in stories posted over the last 4 months), so its you that is lying and trying to put the blame on PS3 supporters, not the other way around.

Below are just some links to analysts predictions, that took me all of like 30 seconds to find in google, only 3 links supplied, but google showed a lot more, and if you look in past N4G stories, you'll find a few more of these forecasts from various analysts and software developers.

With worldwide sales of the PS3 now selling more than the 360 since Nov of last year, it seems at present that the tide is slowly turning Sony's way and these forecasts could well be coming true.

So stop being such a one sided gamer (if you can be called that), I class a gamer as enjoying games on every console, computer, handheld etc. Your just a 360 fan with blinkers on.

khsmooth3967d ago

Gamers think about it, if you exclude FPS titles that's being published by third parties; that would give the PS3 Resistance,Killzone and the 360 Gears of War. Granted we don't know what will be announced in the future but this is what is known as of now. Both Consoles for 08 as it stands for right now are going to be relying on other game genres more heavily. So to say one or the other is not moving past the shooter gamer is a bit of cutting the argument to ones favor. 360 has some steller RPG's coming up and has released some stellar RPG's last year. JRPG support is growing with annoucement of a Tales game on a MS console. Sony has some stellar games in other genre as well like the Agency and LBP. Think about it like this Rock Band is about to approach a million sold on the 360 and it's a game built for a casual audience with a hardcore price tag. I think both console are going to do well going forward and MS has reached beyond the shooter market by successfully gaining RPGs on their system which is something that was just a drop in a bucket on the original xbox. If we can just stop the battle for a moment we can see that both sides has a lot to offer all gamers.

robbo9183967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

He can't provide a link like you requested politely because he is wrong and he knows it. Kevin continually says the PS3 has sold 8 million, its a delusion of his, he won't change. As to the link he provided for MS's numbers lol...""I think that we've sold 18 million, the last time I've checked. 18 million hardware units worldwide," If someone says I THINK that's not exactly a reliable source. I don't believe VG Chartz 100% but it has proven to be moderately accurate and tends to inflate X360 numbers while deflating PS3 numbers (at least when comparing VG to many X360 fans version of the Holy Grail called NPD), and they have X360 at 17.37 million.

mikeslemonade3967d ago

The xbox 360 has good non shooter rated games and I won't try to spin away from that, but those aren't selling or expanding to the casual audience and people aren't buying 360s for those games. Also the argument that Sony being hyprocrits by releasing Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 is out of context because if there was one weaker genre on Playstation it would be the FPS genre, so stop comparing apples and oranges. We will see if the 2008 360 lineup will sell because all they have is mostly single player non shooter games. I challange Microsoft to expand there audience with there 2008 lineup. NG2, Fable 2, Too Human are not going to expand the 360 to the casual audience.

Blabbermouth3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )


"I don't even understand how people can say MS is as arrogant as Sony. Ms doesn't talk thrash about Sony. Sony is alway staking cheap shots at MS...."


Now I'm not saying sony dosn't, but what you just said is a load of bs. check the picture(sony launch day)

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Spike473968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

at Sony and Sony fires back at MS.

Sony usually stays away from the trash talk but I guess they're geting pissed.

I think that both consoles have ALOT of variety this time around.

PS3 has casual games like LBP, and this time around has a great shooter by the name of resistance 2.

While the xbox360 has a load of rpgs and halo wars, an RTS.

But for 2008, I agree somewhat that the Ps3 does have more shooters.

Haze and resistance 2.

Xbox360 only has gears of war 2 if it stands a chance to be released in 2008( 2008 is very optimistic for a game that gamers are expecting alot from)

I don't know, it's hard to tell who has more of what, what's important are the games that matter. The ones that move consoles.

socomnick3968d ago

Sony is usually the one that talks smack. If you were to ask me sony is in no position to talk smack their arrogance will be their downfall. Just like ww2 America (Microsoft) will take down the Japanese empire (Sony).

jmare3968d ago

That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen someone put in a comment. How do you compare WWII with a console rivalry? Did Sony attack you in your sleep by dropping PS2's on your head? Is MS going to "Drop the Bomb" on Sony? People here really need to think about what they type and put a filter on this crap. And if MS is th US in your little fanboy WWII scenario, the bombs wouldn't have worked.

3967d ago
socomnick3967d ago

:/ people take everything so seriously on the internet.

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Blademask3968d ago

Its safe to say the PS3 has a more diverse lineup.

The 3rd Place3968d ago

The PS3 2008 lineup is full of generic FPS.

Blademask3968d ago

So sad that you felt the need to make another account to troll N4G.

Sorry that you are insecure about your purchase mate.

Genesis53968d ago

You. How did you get down to 2 bubbles with only 360 points?

TheExecutive3967d ago

we just witnessed history folks, a man gets stipped of three bubbles for one post. BAM! lol

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toughNAME3968d ago

How many Xbox 360 owners are previous PS2 owners?

Genesis53968d ago

Don't know how you're getting all those disagrees for that question. But I think that Sony could give a good ball park figure for that. After all There is 120 million of them and alot haven't gone next gen yet. If they where going 360 they might have done so by now. With the year head start and all.

Alpha_Gamer3968d ago

Again, I will say it. EVERYONE of my friends (including me) who went ps2 last gen bought a 360 and play XBL this gen. Why? Well, that question does not really need to be answered.

dktxx23968d ago

The only console stealing the playstation's owners is the wii. The 360 still has the same hardcore audience. The xbox 360 has managed to get maybe .00001% of ps2 sales. it has not managed to get many of the 90million ps3 owners who bought it for casual gaming, that is cause the original xbox scared many casual gamers away with their poor controller design, and the majority of games being rated m. Only the wii and the ps3 will cater to the casual demand. the wii, because of its price and how fun it looks. The ps3, because of it being the cheapest bluray player and a game console at the same time and brand recognition.

princejb1343968d ago

to tell you the truth a have a few friends that used to love ps2
now they own a xbox
as for me i won 360 and ps3 but i bought the ps3 first

sonarus3968d ago

how many? I would say 8million tops. How about the other 142 million?

robbo9183967d ago

Dktxx2 was probably most accurate in saying the one stealing so far is Wii...from both sides. There is a big chance that Wii is actually picking up new consumers though since their system has pulled in some senior citizens and maintained their younger crowd. Its just me but I still don't get the success of the Wii lol, oh well.

Until X360 sells more than Xbox did, then really they haven't taken anyone yet. Alpha even if we take what you said as fact (which online we all know that's a stupid thing to do), and we give you 20 friends, that makes 21 people who supposedly converted versus the 125+ million PS2 users, and whether you want to admit it or not the hardware issue in the beginning for X360 (RROD) probably converted some consumers to PS3. Nobody will know what has happened until this generation ends though.

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