Infogrames offers to buy Atari Inc.

Atari Inc. has announced that it received a letter from Infogrames Entertainment S.A., the company's majority shareholder, expressing its intent to acquire the remaining outstanding stock of the company.

Infogrames' offer, which is non-binding, amounts to USD 1.68 per share for the Atari Inc. stock it does not own.

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sonarus3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

that was a little quick. Phil isn't wasting any time

ITR3975d ago

Wow, it's like the 80's all over again.
Atari should take them up on their offer.
I would like the keep the old Atari namesake alive at least for another few decades.

I wish Nintendo would just buy them out.

Kulupoo3975d ago

wait wuuuut?
I thought infogrames is the parent company of Atari already....
can some one hook me up some info?

ravenguard883975d ago

Infogrames is the majority stock holder already, so they already pretty much have control over Atari.

I'm really not sure about the politics in all of this, but by owning them completely they can basically tell them what to develop I assume.

supremacy3975d ago

here are the next companies to go on sale next and solely due to financial troubles of course.potential buyers and suiters are next to the companies, don't take shots at me im just guessing now.

midway-check > MS THQ, or sony.

epic-check > M$ or ubisoft.

segaSammy-check > Capcom, nintendo sony, or even MS

hottest sale on the street right now?

take2 rockstar-check > EA, MS or sony

Lumbo3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Atari is a distributor, not a developer studio ... *rolleyes*
So what is this off-topic list supposed to tell us?

supremacy3975d ago

midway- asides from spyhunter and the MK series not much

epic- gears of war, unreal tournament and unreal engine.

ahh now comes the fun part

segaSammy- sonic, guilty gears,shenmue,jet set radio, toe jam n earl, virtua cop, virtua tennis, virtua fighter,streets of rage, shinobi, otagi, yakuza, house of the dead, dragoon, nights, golden axe, 5th phantom, sega GT, daytonna500, ultra beast, vector man, skies of Arcadia, phantasy online, out run, crazy taxi, space channel 5,

take 2 rockstar- bully, man hunt, max payne, GTA, table tennis, red dead revolver, midnight club, 2k sports, bioshock, that riot game,

thats all i can think off of my head now but if you guess are willing to give me a hand than please do

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