X-Play Preview: Battlefield Bad Company

X-Play takes an early look around the fully destructible environments of Battlefield Bad Company.

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Solid_Skip3968d ago

for this game, i think it will be on par with cod4 and maybe even better..and yes it is the standard for all fps now. hopefully rb6 will step up and take cod4 spot but will see in 2 weeks

LinuxGuru3968d ago

Battlefield: Bad Game Design does not have destruction.

It uses a cheap trick called model swapping.

All damage in Battlefield Bad Company is done very cheaply through model swapping that is triggered by an explosive device or just don't see the swap take place because of the smoke and particles that blast in your face, obscuring your view.

None of it is calculated in real-time, using physics or anything of the sort, except for trees and loose objects scattered on the ground.

You destroy nothing in this game, and things you do destroy disappear fairly soon after you blow them up.

You want ACCURATE simulated destruction? Play Crysis, or the upcoming Lucas Arts titles, Indiana Jones / Star Wars the Force Unleashed.

'nuff said.

I'll be sticking with the Battlefield 2 and 2142 games, which are what DICE says they are: good multiplayer games.

Battlefield: Bad Company is just slapping the "destruction" aspect into the mix, and praying that people will never get tired of blowing holes in walls and knocking down trees that disappear after you DO knock them down.