X-Play Review: MLB '08 The Show

Last year's game felt a little bit rushed. MLB 08 The Show improves on some of the problems apparent in last years version while updating the gameplay to make the experience more realistic. It's an exact baseball sim. You can't just swing away at every pitch and expect to get on base. The game is the pretty much the same as last year, but with a more updated roster. If you purchased last year's title, this game is not worth forking over another 60 bucks for the same experience.

Review by: Albert Iskander


• Realistic Pitching / Batting Experience
• Road to the Show / Franchise Mode
• Great Online Features


• Loading Times
• Poor Fielding
• No major additions to warrant another $60

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H2Os3970d ago

A 3/5, pffft this game is easily a 4/5. It looks great, plays great, and it is great!

IzKyD13313970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

i played this game and it deserves ATLEAST a 4/5,
well, what're you gonna do? unqualified and misinformed people reviewing games, thats XPlay for ya!

ikiru33853970d ago

x-play officially sucks.

this is the best baseball game this year.

Area_513970d ago

This is a bias review anybody that played both games like i have well tell you that the show blows 2k8 out of the park. 2k has framerate issues, bad gameplay, camera on and so on. there was a reason boys that ther would not release the demo to after the game hit the stores. If you goto Meta. The show has a score list like this 90 90 90 87 85 and then a big fat 60 what BS. I am so done with "xbox play" that G4 as a whole went down the tubes they got like 2 game shows and the rest is BS. Alright exhale woo I'm done with my rant. this is what i wanted to say on there website but i wasn't gone to sign up for one rant, but if you look alot of people did

kornbeaner3970d ago

IGN, Gameinformer, every site or magazine have loved what MLB08 has brought to the show (PUN INTENDED) and then these people give a mediocre review. I don't get it, they gave No More Heros a perfect 5/5 and that game is fundamentally broken in so many aspects. You can't even jump in the game, I've literally had to walk around a 3 inch curve, cause I couldn't jump. But yet its a perfect game. X-Play reviewers get to into the shiney red ball effect, games come out that attempts something new or risky and it makes that game a perfect game. Whatever, its a sports title, like I would expect these people to understand, the finer points of what makes a sports title great. To them its always gonna be a pitch and hit game, unless you give them extras that have nothing to do with Baseball itself then maybe a sports title would get more then a 3 from them.

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