X-Play Review: Major League Baseball 2K8

MLB 2K8 is a positive step forward for an already good series. The doom and gloom predicted by folks back when the sports licensing war stuff finally shook out still has not taken place. 2K has really delivered the goods year after year, and it seems like 2K8 will be an excellent successor.

Review by: Greg Stewart


• Great new controls
• Loads of various features
• Unlock new items with baseball cards


• Steep learning curve on the mound

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eagle213931d ago

Every gaming site and amazon reviews are saying PS3 owners are lucky they don't have to just choose this, they can play the much more deep: MLB 08': The Show.


this is an xbot magazine right ? tell me this guy is not that retarded ? this guy does not need to be reviewing anymore games ever .

TUFFnNYC3931d ago

if they gave this 4/5 then they must have given the show 5/5. This game has always played catch up with the show. xbots can keep this.

kornbeaner3931d ago

Nope they gave the show a 3/5.

kornbeaner3931d ago

Like I said on my comment for MLB08: the show.

Give these people something to review that has nothing to do with the actual sport you are trying to represent and it gets a way better score then it would if it was just a great sport game.


wangdiddy823922d ago

I havent played the full version of the show and MLB 2K yet. But i down loaded the demos on PSN and i have to say the show is a much much better game.. The graphics are way way way better too.. You can tell 2k must have made there game for the 360. I dont think the 360 can handle the show.. Its a way better game