Huxley: Cities and Questing - Preview, video and screens from IGN

The comparisons to Unreal Tournament are normal for a game like Huxley. It uses the Unreal Engine 3, follows a similar art style and has combat that, on the surface, looks just like its cousin. If there's one place that associations can't be made, it would be in the lobby. In the case of Huxley, persistent cities serve as the pre-match lobby and the number of things you can do there is quite extensive for a first-person shooter.

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Boldy3968d ago

Wow, this game has gotten quite a bit of coverage lately.

ichimaru3968d ago

game looks better and better everime. i like how the city serves as a lobby, and you can go on quest with friends, instead of only having a fragfest. also the idea of being able to visit a friends apartment sounds cool, but also like someone was a little influenced by home?

3968d ago
r3xmund13967d ago

Dude, don't be a douchebag.

I have been waiting for this game for years now, but to say a console can or can't do something is absolutely stupid. You have no proof, you have no data to support this.

Yes XBL is awesome its the reason i own my 360 (and Gears, Halo etc of course), Yes PSN needs a lot of work, but thats just it, its still being improved!!!!

So please if you are gunna troll, go elsewhere!

I want this game, i don't care on what console!

3961d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago

They realy love MMOG's and I think in time they will be the world leaders in this genre. It's not that they are better than the kings of WOW, it's just they love it more.

PumPum3967d ago

I really wonder how the 360 will react when theres 50+ players on screen.
Its a b1tc* playing MMORPGs on pc when there is hundreds of ppl sitting in the same area trying to sell their items...really F*** the framerate no matter how good your comp is.
And shouldent huxley supposed to have 1000 players at once?(correct me if i am wrong)

green3967d ago

over 1000 will be in the city,but it will 100v100 players when battling.Webzen said they have a new type or dedicated server which they are using for both the PC and 360 version.

We will just have to wait and see how it will turn out

PumPum3967d ago

im not talking about the server handling anything, but the 360's hardware.
If you ever played any MMORPG you know what im talking about.
And UE3 isnt exactly lite and with 200 players battling each other....
(dont want to sound like a fanboy but istant RROD? :D)

green3967d ago

with that RROD comment you fail at trying not to be a fanboy.You don't own a 360 so why are you trolling?you will never own this game on the 360, so why make a comment?

in fact why do i bother replying?ignore

mighty_douche3967d ago

I'm gonna pick this up for the PC on release, but in all honesty, I'm not expecting much.

green3967d ago

true.dont expect much.For me i am approaching with caution.If it ends up bad then i wont be bothered because it aint on my most anticipated list in any genra.If its great then bonus game for 09

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