Epic Fail: Videogame Levels

It's happened to all of us. You're playing an incredible game when you stumble upon a level or mission that makes you frustrated or annoyed or possibly even question the fun of the game as a whole. For this week's Epic Fail Thursday, TheFeed would like to welcome you to its selection of the most Epic Fail Videogame Levels of all time. Take note, they tried to avoid levels in downright terrible games, since pretty much all the levels in bad games are fails. This list is comprised of levels or missions from the games that many hold dear, games that, aside from the mentioned levels, would be just about perfect.

Be sure to let G4 know what you think of their list. Did they miss any epic fail levels from your favorite games? Feel free to expand on their list in their comments section.

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permutated3970d ago

The first thing I thought of when I read the article title was "BATTLETOADS SPEEDBIKE".

You know a level is impossible when you can barely beat it with save states on Snes9x :P