The Darkness : First Gameplay Footage!

Here is the first video showing gameplay from The Darkness for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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kingboy5900d ago

Looks interesting and boy his got soo much power in him lol.One Even get`s to see the dev of this games talk on tv(in the game) about the games while u playing

bullet5900d ago

This game looks rad.The whole tv thing is pretty sweet two:)

Silverwolf5900d ago

Thankfully this has a lot more time for development. The AI seemed dumb as hell and there were collision problems as well (like the cop standing almost inside the police car trunk).

TheMART5900d ago

That's always, they even shut the AI down, just so a dev can play through the scenes to test or just show it.

malachi235900d ago

But i don't like the way you have to kill all the lights all the time.

TheMART5900d ago


AND, why aren't the lightbulbes bursting when one can do the black hole trick? The lamps are swinging like hell and should make the bulb burst

USMChardcharger5900d ago

he is shooting out the lights because the darkness is how you power up.

you can't use the black hole all the time either.

another note...the whole idea is you are reluctent to call upon this power (curse really)

you are trying to break ties with the darkness. the more you use it the more it binds to you.

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