FFXIII to use motion-sensing

Square-Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that Final Fantasy XIII will make use of the motion-sensing technology in the PlayStation 3 controller.

In an interview published over on 1up, when asked if such a thing was likely, Nomura replied: "Yeah, we already have some ideas about how to use it."

Fellow Squenix type Yoshinori Kitase chimed in to reveal that the game was originally in development for the PS2, and they only decided to go all next-gen later on.

He went on to discuss FFXIII's battle system, stating: "At first sight, it might seem like an action game, but FFXIII inherits the long tradition of the numbered FF games, which is the active-time battle command system.

"We are trying to use a similar system to what you've seen, but the major difference is that the battle will be speeded up considerably. In the past, you had to wait to input commands, but our goal here is to reduce that waiting time as much as possible, so that the battles are greatly speeded up."

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andy capps5831d ago

I am just not into any of the Final Fantasy games or any RPG's for that matter. I know a lot of people are, but I just can't get into them. I just don't have the patience for them, and I think of myself as a patient person. I just don't have 50+ hours to devote to a game. The battles are just too slow paced and uninteresting for me. Maybe this will be the one that will get me into the series.

But what I did want to say is that it seems like most of the developers that are working on games for Sony say that they are planning to use the capabilities of the motion sensitive controller. So that is a good thing.

Marriot VP5831d ago

yah, I'm not into RPG's myself but I'll try Mass Effect when it comes along.

pRo loGic II5831d ago

Is this a turn-based hack-em and slash-em style RPG or does it have modern RPG gameplay like Mass Effect, if so is it going to be CGI filled?; with pretty girls spread

joemutt5831d ago

"Turn-based Hack n' Slash"

Its got to be one or the other, cant be both.

pRo loGic II5831d ago

Fuc* you!, is there Swords in FF. You read too much in to it. Sorry for making fun of FF lol.


Last i checked FF had boat loads of slashing in

clayton5831d ago

I don't see how sony's controller will fair well, with a game like this, I would rather my thumb get sore, instead of my arms.

andy capps5831d ago

I understand how people are saying your arms would get tired, but most devs have stated that the motion capabilities can be turned off if you prefer the dual analog controls. Me personally, I'll probably go for the motion capabilities to try something new. :)

silent ninja5831d ago

seriosly is this news. we all know that sony put the motion sensing capabilites for gaming so its pretty much standard on the system so this should not be news we all know most of the games are gonna use it

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