CheatCC Review: The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure - Wading Through The Mist

CheatCC writes: "It's hard not to develop at least a mild fascination with ghost stories and the unearthly legends of the people who've long passed on from this world. Such tales - particularly if they are well-delivered - can raise the hairs on your neck and send chills down the spine. The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure is steeped heavily in the folklore intrigue of the spirit world rather than the full-on gore and flesh eating creatures found in horror games, but it still delivers a winding story full of scary moments and interesting twists. It's a creepy game that dabbles equally in aspects of ghost-hunting, searching for ancient treasure, and old fashioned detective work. If you're into ghosts, you'll love digging into this haunted adventure mystery set on the fog-laden coast of England."

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