CheatCC Review: Imperium Romanum - Build An Empire In Your Spare Time

CheatCC writes: "Imperium Romanum is an empire building sim that cuts to the chase with simple commands and lots of gameplay variety. It eschews the tedious micromanagement elements in favor of a more streamlined gameplay. It all adds up to a game that lets you spend less time fussing and more time ruling. In Imperium Romanum, you are able to start with a small village in hopes of turning it into an empire. Of course this happens one step at a time, but Imperium Romanum has the right ingredients that make a game like this more accessible to newbies, while maintaining a level of depth that can be exploited by vets. It's a fast-paced game that gives you plenty of options, allowing you to create and manage the greatest empire the world has ever known. And you run it the way you want to run it. After all, you're the deity."

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