Futuremark wins "Asshat of the Month" award

Now that that gamers are more than aware of the move by Futuremark to trademark the term "Pwnage", the author blows holes in their assertion that they mean no harm.

From the article: "They said that they were just trying to protect themselves against someone else buying it up and suing them. Nevermind (probably ® by Nirvana) that according to basic trademark law, one of the surest ways to LOSE a trademark is to allow others to willy-nilly use your trademark® without showing due diligence in defending it. That's right, one of the few ways to protect it is to sue people and issue cease and desist orders."

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LGFreedom3975d ago

I quite enjoyed the creative use of the Registered trademark symbol. I wonder what would happen if you tried to register that symbol as a trademark.

Tempist3974d ago

Hahahaha, that piece was awesome.

deeznuts3974d ago

The same way gamers say don't listen to Fox News about gaming because they don't game, don't listen to non IP lawyers about IP law. This author, and everyone else on the internet, is confusing trademark with copyright or patent.