Extreme Makeover: To Illustrate the Continuing Electronic Arts/Take-Two Saga, Level Up's Crack Design Team Drops Its Logo Mashup

It's been eleven days since Electronic Arts made its shocking but not surprising $2 billion offer to purchase Take-Two, and along with it, 2K Sports and Rockstar Games. We've spoken to representatives from both sides: EA's spokesperson spitting occasional blasts of hot fire, while Take-Two's reps chose to flow like water--even when confronted with our source's contention that future Rockstar releases will be delayed because all hands were reassigned to assist with completing Grand Theft Auto IV in time for its April release. (Take-Two denied the charge.)

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pwnmaster30003930d ago

this should on the ps3 section right

General Pinky3929d ago

sonyfanboys talk crap about how EA keep making s***tit ports for the PS3

t-0_ot-3930d ago

pwnmaster3000 - ?? Whys it matter? PS3 fanboys would wanna be in here either way if they wanted to. And, it'd be the same way if it wasn't listed on 360.

But, yes, it should be.

THAMMER13929d ago

I hope this merger goes well.

TheD_R_E3929d ago

Then I take it that you also hope for no innovation in gaming...

name3929d ago

Peter moore being in the position he's in+ Microsoft not caring that their first party devs are leaving+ EA's lackluster performance on the PS3+Microsoft's obsession with GTA makes me really suspicious as hell..

General Pinky3929d ago

So Rockstar would not care about anything other then games

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