Too Human Update and Screenshots

The "Too Human" GDC showing is over, and the word of "Too Human" is now being spread far and wide. The press event on Tuesday, February 19, 2008, garnered a turnout that exceeded wildest expectations. Unfortunately Silicon Knights were not able to increase the number of playable demo stations from the original six kiosks that were planned. Consequently, many people did not get the chance to play, or if they did, they did not get to play as long as they would have originally liked.

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sonarus3968d ago

Game looks a lot better but with all the negativity surrounding it, i am not sure IT IS actually better

green3968d ago

what negativity?have you read the post GDC previews?this game is sure back on track to be a AAA title

sonarus3968d ago

well from what i understand it just looks ok now. No one is excited for the game and i rarely deal with mediocre titles. I expect this game to avg 8 reviews at BEST. If it could get like an 8.8 or an 8.9 may be more considerable. Most of the GDC reviews admitted it was better but no one said it was AAA.

ikiru33853968d ago

it actually looks kinda interesting.

InYourMom3968d ago

"No one is excited for the game and i rarely deal with mediocre titles. I expect this game to avg 8 reviews at BEST."

Plenty of people are excited for this game, Silicon Knights reputation alone is enough to get many excited. This game will score very well and I think once it's fully received people will be praising how deep it is.

So for you if it's below an 8 (at best) than it's mediocre and you don't play it? You miss out on a lot of good games.

This game is going to surprise a lot of people how good it is.

lalilulelo3968d ago

this game is just like a dynasty warriors game. Too Human is Too mediocre for me

frostbite063968d ago

"this game is just like a dynasty warriors game" lol how the hel1 did you come to that? This game has been compared to many different games of different genres and i've never heard dynasty warriors before. Seriously though, imagine more like a dmc/godofwar mixed with diablo type game.

kevoncox3968d ago

ignore him. He's a proven Sony fanboy.
If it doesn't say sony, it's not the real thing.

This game is looking to be exactly what the industy needs. It has jump in and out co op for 4 players. Solid graphics, epic story and chracters....

He's just at home creaming for the next MGS4 trailer.
You don't have a 360 just leave this area to people who will actually play this game.

wow4u3964d ago

What negativity?

You mean the negativity here on N4G with *anything* related to Xbox 360?

Thats not reality.

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Whoooop3968d ago

like Mass Effect, Bioshock or Gears did... Games which almost made me buy a 360..

The more I see from this game, the less I wouldn't want to buy it.

I just don't think this game is going to be as big as 360 fans are making it out to be...

poos33968d ago

MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNN i love grendal and the norse mythology
everytime i think of too human i remember beowulf in which the most memerable character was grendl andf now there a game made by master story tellers silicon knight and grendl and his friends are in it imagine how pic this game will be.

wow4u3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Do you own a console?

Because if you didnt buy one for BioShock, Mass Effect or Gears of War -- the three best games of the last 2-3 years, than you clearly dont play videogames.

Do you know how many Game of the Year awards these three titles earned?

Please, if you want to troll, do it in the Open Zone.

RIPHDDVD3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Every time I read about this game it fails to impress. This is one of those games that's been in development for a really long time and it's been canceled a few times because of the mess it truly is.

I see it as just another Unreal Engine game.

wow4u3964d ago

Have a look at the lighting effects, and the model textures. The game *LOOKS* great.

That wont make the game great all by itself. But, but from hands-on reviews, many people say it is shaping to be a great game.

Lets see what the reviewers say, and until we play the Demo or perhaps play it ourselves.

Mars Attacker3968d ago

This game looks awesome. Hard core science fiction story mixed with mythology. Looks a little like an RPG version of DMC4 game play only without the crappy DMC story. Please let there be no platforming!!

wow4u3964d ago

Agreed. I dont care much for the setting / story in the DMC world. Doenst directly appeal to me.

I much prefer a SciFi setting. Even better is a dystopian Sci-Fi world like Mad Max, A Boy and his Dog, nausicaa of the valley of the Wind or Blade Runner.

1-800-4MY-XBOX3968d ago

1-800-4MY-XBOX for all your coffin needs.

u got owned3967d ago

@ 1-800-4MY-XBOX

you are lame and you fail!!!!!!

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