Kotaku: Frankenreview, Army of Two (PS3)

EA's Army of Two has had a rough road to release. A title focused on co-op mercenary missions to extents of borderline innovation, its tongue-in-cheek, adolescent play on private contractor military presence in the current world has been mistaken by many for a poor attempt at humor with no greater punchline than a well-timed fart.

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damnwrx3975d ago

2morrow (friday) to replace that overrated game (Lost Planet:EC), stup!d game

bigman73873975d ago

i'm honestly kinda of surprised. a while back they had a trailer on here that did not look like much fun at all and i kno EA delayed it cuz the gameplay just wasn't meshing.

but for them to turn it around like this and get above average reviews does impress me. i'll have to contemplate picking this up

BigBadPolo3975d ago

This game has surprised the hell out of me. The co-op is a blast and easily one of the better co-op experiences I've had gaming in a long time. Well worth a buy for sure!

Scerick3975d ago

I'd have to agree. If you can muster up a buddy this game will be a blast. I'm having way more fun with this than I did with Halo or Gears Co-Op.

PumPum3975d ago

How is the framerate? (ps3)
Approx. how long is the game?

If it has a steady framerate and its not too short then ill prolly buy it.

Scerick3975d ago

Although I can't comment on the length as I've only played it through the first mission, the framerate is smooth as silk on the PS3. EA Montreal did a bang up job on this multiplatform title. It's a shame it's not getting the positive press that COD4 did for putting out a great performer.

PumPum3975d ago

Thanks for the info Scerick.
Ill prolly buy it but i wanna try it first. Bubbles

Qbanboi3975d ago

Why, it's the Ps3 the on been review?

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