Bach: PS3 Can't Compete With Xbox Live

Xbox president says online service 'big differentiator' between platform holders
Microsoft's E&D president Robbie Bach claims that Xbox Live sets the 360 apart from its rivals.

Xbox Live is a big differentiator for us," said Bach to, "That drives a significant amount of energy around what's on with Xbox.

"Bach cites the exclusive downloadable content for GTA 4 as a reason why Microsoft's online service is superior to its rivals.

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decapitator3969d ago

Man, this outta be good. PR fights. Sony Steinburg says they have passed Xbox live in terms of what they want to do. Microsoft's Bach says them must be nuts. Whos right ?

TriggerHappy3969d ago

So guys, Microsoft's PR and Sony's PR, whos worse ?

toughNAME3969d ago

Both lie through there teeth...hmm

I suggest an internet chatroom the death

sonarus3969d ago

Xbox live is good but its not that good. They completely walk over the psn and whatever it is wii offers but not by as much as Msoft likes to think. Sony should see this as a challenge to step their game up

marinelife93969d ago

Marinelife9 <~~~ Sheepishly raises his hand to ask a question.

What does downloadable content for GTAIV have to do with the Xbox Live service being better than PSN? People download content for both services all the time.

Panthers3969d ago

THey dont lie, they are basically sales men just trying to push a product. I am starting to get tired of these 360 vs PS3 stories. I already own the console I want and I am sure most people here do also.

gamesR4fun3969d ago

I mean live is good psn gets the job done its getting HOME tons of updates and its free. So arnt they both great?

kevoncox3969d ago

Live is light years ahead of PSn right now.
Sony has an ok service but until it has..

In game chat
In game messaging,
On time demos,
Demos for all games,
Match the number of xbox live arcade games being released
Tv and movie downloads,

A way to go. I also don't understand sony's releuctance to include a headset or even sell one. Two many users do not have headsets.Yes on live a lot of people misuse it but when you make something so basic an add on, it's importance is ignored. Sony needs to fix this by releasing their own headset

Majority of players have headset.

robep33969d ago

LETS see they had to for the DLC FOR THE GAME and users
have to pay for LIVE yes you can see thats better NOT!!!!! the guy
needs is head looked at LOL!


ScentlessApprentice73969d ago

Does Microsoft even remember how they secured the exclusive DLC for GTA4? I sure do; they threw a suitcase full of $50,000,000 onto Rockstar's doorstep and they said "hey, you know that DLC you're making for GTA4? Yeah if you make sure it never sees the light of day on the PS3, than this suitcase is yours.

Is this stupid MS PR guy now trying to play it off like Rockstar CHOSE of their own free will to make the DLC exclusive to the 360 because they PREFER xbox Live and loath PSN? It might work against all the people that don't know anything, but people like me who remember the details are not going to be dupped.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Sony has P2P servers for their games.
Microsoft has client servers for their games.

With P2P servers developers create their own servers thust allowing such things like mods or 60 players battling online. Bach's argument is that they have exclusive down-loadable content. If my memory servers me right Sony can do down-loabable content. To top it off if Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare servers go down on the PlayStation 3 I can still play Resistance: Fall of Man. If Halo 3 servers go down I can't do anything but wait for Microsoft to handle the trafic (hint: 2007 Christmas).

In the end a good P2P coding will surpass client networking any day because of less latency (lag). Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are going to wipe out XBOX Live plus PlayStation Home man it's going to be ugly.

3968d ago
AceLuby3968d ago

5 Million the second weekend? How many copies did it sell in 2 weeks? 5 Mil? Definitely not.

I bought my 360 for this release and can tell you that the max EVER on was a little over 1 Mil and I only saw it that high twice.

Don't get me wrong, that's a lot of players, but there's no reason to exaggerate. I for one have not had any issue w/ Live or PSN. Friends are better on Live, but I really don't use that feature much and most of the 'friends' I have I've never met IRL. So for me it's a pretty much useless feature. In game XMB is the only thing that would tilt me towards Live, but for $50 it seems quite a bit extraneous given that PSN is free.

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Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3969d ago

guy speaks, the more irrelevant his points become.

General Pinky3969d ago

Anything Sony says you guys believe it but when Microsoft says it then it is a lie

Come on... Stop being fanboys for a second and get you head out of Sony ass and see the light

10 million live users.
Which pay every year cos they know what a good service they getting

ChrisGTR13969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

ouch, watch the dissagrees hit maximum level for that comment. dont u know this site is owned by the sony fanboys? this is basically the sony defense forces secondary site lol

ikiru33853969d ago

for NOW, it's better. let's put it that way.

sonarus3969d ago

10million users who pay every yr because they don't have a choice. There is no doubt xbox live is better than psn but it is simply not as much as this guy thinks. So far this yr i have only seen msoft make moves of desperation. The revealing of gears with nothing to show just to get us gamers salivating for nothing. Should have saved it to E3 when we could have actually seen gameplay or at least an in game trailer. Msoft PR going out of their way to discredit Gamepro's article on which console was better for multiplatforms even though it was Gamepro's opinion to make. I wouldnt say ps3 is better for multiplats but its not as bad as microsoft wants people to believe so they had to respond. Now this...Just shut up and make games. Don't run around making useless claims.

jwatt3969d ago

Yea I have both consoles and I know live is of course better than psn. The thing that makes XBL stand out is Achievements, in-games invites, and in-game chats. If Sony releases in-game xmb Sony will have most of those features plus it will be free.

Even if Sony does this I think XBL will still have the edge because everything is unified, I'm not exactly sure How in-game will work out. If every game will actually use in-game xmb.

Lord Vader3969d ago

I agree jwatt. What I want to see is when there are 5+ million users playing Resistance 2 (or whatever game) on PSN at the same time & see how it handles it. I remember playing Halo 3 with like freakin' 5 million online just playing Halo 3 (2nd weekend after release - I only know the numbers b/c the lobby showed you how many were online & playing Halo 3).

I want to see how PSN does when it gets a real test like that...

Once they streamline the interface more & add chat ect. like you talked about it'll be a big step forward for PSN. But for now, my xbl is much more MP friendly than my PSN.

candystop3969d ago

Desperation? Whatever dude because if my memory serves me right this entire generation SOny has been announcing games 23 years ahead of schedule and dropping the price of PS3 out of true desperation! At least GEars is due this november and MS doesn't hype stuff forever like SOny! Also I've played on PSn and SOny is way behind and even falling further with IPTV on the way! GEars should be playable at E3 and after E3 Sony will be trying to fix there image once again!

InMyOpinion3968d ago

And NOW is what matters. I don' know about you but I find it hard playing games tomorrow...right now. Some of you seem to think that Sony are the only ones who are capable of developing their products further. Here's a news flash: MS will keep making Xbox Live better, just like Sony will try to catch up with PSN.

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Shaka2K63969d ago

12 year old annoying xbots
overpriced service.
only works 3 times a week.
charging for demos.
overpriced 80s roms.
terrible design
ugly store
p2p service

the fact is live has alot of catching up to do for live to be as good as PSN for starters they could start by making it FREE.

though Home makes live look like 90s technology .

Douche3969d ago

And above all is the fact that this guy uses the GTAIV content as an example of Live's "superiority". Lmao, they spent (supposedly) $50 million to secure that DLC. If it weren't for that, you'd be seeing that same content on a PSN near you this fall. That has absolutely nothing to due with the Xbox Live service. Ohh God, how ignorant.

The Killer3968d ago

he wasnt updated with the psn firmware updates!!

someone wakes him up and the bot army taking his sh!t

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