New Metal Gear Solid 4 information

Here is some of the new information:

*The boxart released is NOT THE FINAL BOXART for Japan or any other region...they're still working on it

* MGO Beta will be a PSN download for EU and NA

* the word "F*CK" will be used in MGS4 (for the first time in MGS history)

* The Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD will use the "Dissolve" artwork


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jwatt3969d ago

Yea I honestly thought they can do better on the box art. Does anybody know when we can start pre-ording to get into the MGO beta?

sonarus3969d ago

i don't think they have fully worked out the pre order deal. Best bet for a preorder would be the biggest game retailer in your area. In UK i would say HMV of GAME and here i would say game stop. The bad part is there is an uncertainty on when the right time to preorder is

RecSpec3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

All you get when you preorder is the MGSaga 2 dvd, which has the code for the beta if I'm not mistaken. I think it's the beginning of April, but you can probably pick up the disc even if you already did.

decapitator3969d ago

NOW...that will increase your chances. If you wait any longer, you might not get in at all.

Spike473969d ago

I knew, if any games deserve to get preoredered it's gta4 and mgs4.

woot woot!!!!!!!!!! Gonna have some extreme fun this year!!!!!

macalatus3969d ago

On June 12, 2008...Macalatus will plan to get 2, make that 3 days off work just to play this awesome game.

Skerj3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Man I'm so psyched for this game. My Metal Gear name is Spread Eagle. Because of a suit that is made out of shotguns. ..or something.

Laexerias3969d ago

I hope i will see one with the Name Sly Raccoon in MGO ! Or Deadly Wombat...