Sony: Blu-ray Battle Has Just Begun

Blu-ray, the HD optical-disc format created by Sony, definitively triumphed over the competing HD-DVD format after Toshiba's decision last month to stop making HD-DVD players. But that doesn't mean the HD-disc war is over, according to Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer Stan Glasgow.

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Silellak3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

"The real challenge, Glasgow said, will be convincing consumers that the improved resolution of Blu-ray video over standard DVDs -- 1080-line progressive (1080p) versus 480-line progressive (480p) -- is worth investing hundreds of dollars on a new Blu-ray player and buying significantly more expensive Blu-ray movie titles."

I don't think they will EVER convince a majority of consumers of that. Rather, Blu-ray will triumph over DVD's once Blu-ray players are comparable to DVD players in price and Blu-ray discs are comparable to DVD's in price.

I'm not saying that Blu-ray players/discs need to be AS cheap as their DVD equivalents, but right now I think they're still a bit too much higher for mainstream adoption.

He also forgets to mention that there are still a huge number of titles on DVD that aren't on Blu-ray. What will convince a lot of people to make the jump, I think, are HD versions of their favorite movie or TV show.

pwnsause3969d ago

i believe once the players and HDTVs hit the sweet spot in pricing, then the DVD will slowly die.

xplosneer3969d ago

DVD will be around for a whie, but as more are making Blu Ray, the price will slowly drop, and drop. I'm not going to say how fast it will be.

Remember, DVD's were once very expensive too.

PimpHandStrong3969d ago

will never compete in price with dvd. If blueray drops the price of there movies you can bet dvd prices will drop soon after.

I did get a great deal on one of my BR movies. I got Unforgiven for 13bucks at best buy a few months back. Still havnt put it on

godofthunder103968d ago

i will probaly get a br player to go with my movie theater but br will never have the success that dvds had.
dvd sales have been falling for the last 5 years and the reason they gave was because of people streaming movies from their computers,people joining the movie mailing clubs and things like apple tv and on demand.the majority of people want even buy br.i have friends that buy dvds to and i'm the only one playing on buying br some said that they will just keep buying dvds and the others said that they will just download their movies and record them instead of changing formats if they have to,some of them been downloading and recording movies for a while.
i have over a 1000 dvds in my collection and i like to have the dvd in my hand but like every generation things change,for exsample they started off with vhs and went to dvds and now we are heading to the majority of people downloading their movies one way or another.just look at music they started off with records went to 8 tracks then cassettes then cds and now the majority of people are downloading their music,hell cd sales are about dead,i know that some people still buy them but they have a lot more people that download their music,hell even the music companies are saying that people downloading music is hurting their sales a lot,it want be long we want even have will have to download your music and pay so much a song or buy the whole album like it is now in the clubs.when people started downloading music some people were saying the same thing back then that they are saying about movies.people said that downloading music will never take the place of cds and it want be around long but people are downloading music more then they are buying cds today and the same thing will happen to movies like it or not they call it progress and we can't do a damn thing about it.

AceLuby3968d ago

It isn't like there is a DVD group and a BR group and their fighting for marketshare... These are studios already making movies in both formats... The studios control not only the pricing of each format, but also what gets released in each format. They aren't going to price compete w/ themselves when they make more money off of BR... This is how I see it working out:

DVD's aren't going to go anywhere for a very long time. I believe old movies that don't benefit from BR will not get put into that format for a while (like 5-10 years from now).

New movies will be put on both DVD and BR for a while (2-5 years). Prices for DVD won't be falling much further, but BR will continue to fall until prices are in the $20 range for a new movie and more of a direct competitor.

Once this happens players will be more prevalent and be in the $200 price range. New movies will start to be released only on BR.

IMO adoption will be faster because instead of having to replace your entire movie collection you can simply upgrade your player, which upgrades your collection as well (480i -> 480p), but then also allows you to play movies in full 1080p.

Don't forget that HDTV prices are CHEAP and are getting cheaper. Guys that could never afford a huge TV can pick up a used 55" HDTV on on craigslist for $500. People will want to take advantage of those purchases IMO.

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ChrisGTR13969d ago

another pointless blueray post , brought to us by our friendly sony defence force. thanks guys, thanks for making this site really suck

fenderputty3969d ago

was started to make PS3 fans look bad right?

Vegas3969d ago

I'm tired of the Blu-ray news too, but don't start with the SDF comments.

Figboy3968d ago

i mean, who the hell do those Sony Defense Force goons think they are, using their mind control powers to control your stubby fingers, moving the mouse cursor over to every single Blu Ray related link, and *FORCING your to click on the story, then, in their infinite nerve, they manipulate your eyes and brain into actually *READING said Blu Ray related story, completely *AGAINST your will!

the *NERVE of them to force you to read something that you don't want to read! we should do something about them!

wowsauce3968d ago

Someone actually post a comment BY SONY THEMSELVES that's at all acknowledging any possible challenge to sony. You don't need to look that far to see what's destroying this site.

Diugu3968d ago

I am also tired of the Blu Ray wins blablabla... but this is news. It is a statement made by an important Sony executive.

Besides, why does this make the site suck? I mean... how hard is it to read "Blu Ray" on the headline and simply go "Gosh, another Blu-ray news." and DONT click it... just move on to the news you are interested in?

My guess is that once you try it... you will find that it is not that hard.

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UnblessedSoul3969d ago

People will easily get sucked into blu-ray once they get a Hd tv

PSWe603969d ago

Blu-Ray is already in a good position to replace DVD's soon. DVD sales are constantly shrinking by a small margin as the Hi-Def market grows, it's only a matter of timimng and pricing.

eagle213969d ago

Walt Disney, last summer through fall, went on a "Magical Blu-ray Tour" visiting shopping mall's across the U.S. Consumers were given awareness and got to see the product first hand. I felt this was successful because Blu-ray stand alone players outsold HD DVD ones holiday 07' in North America. It's all about AWARENESS FIRST, THEN PRICE....

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