New gaming site launched by ex gamespot employee's Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis, giantbomb.com

Jeff Gerstmann writes "Welcome to Giant Bomb: It's sort of like Alien 3: The Gun, only with more explosions and less track. After working on this in secret for as long as we have been, it's totally exciting to be able to finally let you in on what we've been doing"

the site is still under construction so dont be bashing for there being no Wii section.

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decapitator5892d ago

Most excellent news. I will be sure to add that to the list of my new top rated sites. Great job Jeff.

masterg5892d ago

Good idea, but man what an awful domain name. He should have bought one of mine that I don't use.. AgentGame.com ... Okay maybe that's not the best domain name either... lol

ravenguard885892d ago

I'm glad to see these guys are back into it going strong. I hope they get a lot of support.

I have already taken gamespot out of my list of gaming sites and this will make a good replacement.

conjurdevil5892d ago

they could get rich gallup back!!

niall775892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

... and some game stuff on the side

also a 5 point review system = win, maybe people will actually READ there reviews and not go by just the number

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brocool5892d ago

This is awesome news! Unbiased reviews are coming back.. well not including his personal biases ofcourse

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EKWB reportedly plagued with financial disarray many gaming pc's left without parts

EK Cooling allegedly has slipped itself into a hot soup of seemingly endless financial woes, where it has not paid its staff, suppliers, and contractors for many months as the company is facing liquidity problems and a surplus of inventory left unsold, stuck in the warehouse for a more extended period. Gamers Nexus investigated these claims made by former and current personnel, where he found trails of unpaid bills lasting as long as three to four months and unpaid raises that accumulated for almost a year.

EK Water Blocks has two entities—a Slovenian-based headquarters and a US-based subsidiary, EK Cooling Solutions. Steve narrated the series of events in detail, stating that the company was reportedly irresponsible and negligent regarding payment. Consequently, partners and employees are forced to share the burden of alleged mismanagement. It all begins with its extensive range of products, leading to a surplus of goods. EK has over 230 water blocks, 40 liquid cooling kits, 85 reservoirs, 40 pumps, 73 radiators, and 212 miscellaneous accessories.

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just_looken2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yes this is not about video games directly but indirectly this will impact the pc gaming/workstation space hard.

This company is massive one of two in the water cool space so if it goes poof then thousands out there have no spare parts or half built computers.

SO yeah i know not about a video game but think of it as amd leaving the pc space but this is ekwb that could be leaving water cooling in the pc space

Jayz2cents a supporter of there products also has issues


Indie hit Dredge is getting its own movie adaptation

Rob Webb of KnowTechie writes: We're still waiting on the details, but this video game adaptation promises to be seriously creepy.

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The INDIE Live Expo 2024 event is to feature over 100 game titles

INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series , will debut never-before-seen games & content updates across more than 100 titles on May 25th.