Editorial: Providing Meaningful Choices in Games

There's a lot of talk in the gaming industry and gaming press about providing meaningful choices to players that drastically affect their gameplay experience. But despite that, I can think of very few examples where this has been implemented. Most choices in games are superficial, and you follow the same path no matter what you decide. While choosing to save or harvest the Little Sisters in Bioshock was a moral challenge for many people, it ultimately was not a game-changing decision. Assassin's Creed provides several methods of getting information about your next target, but you repeat these same few scenarios over and over.

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Kakkoii3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

This goes hand in hand with fully destructible environments.

Games need to start being taken to this kind of level. Where the games are being played as if they were happening in real life. That allow you to choose how YOU would handle each situation. Whether it be to just blast your way threw walls to the end of the level or killing civilians for money to bribe guards.

There's no set path, Only you standing in a world where events are happening and you have to figure out what your going to do.

Cat3929d ago

agreed, there shouldn't be just one way to achieve an objective.

I like when decisions affect your character and little experiences along the way, but I'm not too keen on the prospect of decisions critically altering the main storyline. If my friend has the same game but plays a completely different storyline, then what's to keep us from feeling like we missed something? You could make an argument for replay value, but ultimately I want to feel like I had the intended experience, not that I screwed up.

Silellak3929d ago

The article fails because it doesn't mention the Witcher.

You want to see meaningful decisions affecting the storyline of the game, sometimes 10 or 20 hours AFTER you make the decision? Play the Witcher.

Gorgon3929d ago

Yes, I think so far The Witcher has been the game with the most relevant choices. There's lots of situations in which you make choices and those actually have a perceptible impact in the game.

Too bad I eventually grew bored of the game, but thats another matter.