Full Moon Show Episode 21

0:00:00 - Introduction, GDC, the music video, Nocturnal (link)
0:11:02 - Resistance 2 Update
0:19:45 - Resistance 2 Update - Mo-cap discussion with Animation Director Chris Nicholls (video, warning large file (100mb))
0:35:40 - Mystery Guest of the Week (link)
0:58:27 - I Want Your Job! with Facilities Coordinator and pin(Ballz) rockstar Chris Stathis (video) (MP3) BC67DC
1:09:40 - Who's joining the community team?
1:12:35 - Community Update (link) (link) (link)
1:23:15 - Rolf's Rant
1:28:16 - Closing

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decapitator3975d ago

A lot of good podcasts coming out today. Thanks for posting again. I will grab this as well and finish tomorrow off with 1UP yours.