Interview: MLB 2K8 with Producer Ben Brinkman

MLB 2K6 and MLB 2K7 were a part of the console transition. In addition to the aging console releases, these sports titles had to be brought up to the new generation. At the time that meant going back to the drawing board for gameplay refinements. "This year," says Major League Baseball 2K8 Producer Ben Brinkman, "it had to be about continuing to make a great baseball simulation and make it a new experience for people."

Part of the success in doing that is tied to 2K Sports' all-new batter and throwing AI, the addition of 90 minor league teams, and a new trading card feature. "Overall, this is a big jump from 2K7 to 2K8. We've added a lot more depth and features. We're really excited about getting the game out there."

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