What the iPhone SDK Means for the Game Industry

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are certainly taking note of Apple's big iPhone SDK unveiling today in Cupertino. The announcement will have a serious affect on the DS, PSP and future gaming handhelds to come.

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Tempist3968d ago

Didn't the PSP turn itself in to a phone before the iPhone turned itself into a gaming system?

It's a little hard to justify having to pay $300 for a 'trendy' non-expandable gaming system where as the PSP has left itself for many more future devices and memory expansion (yes 8GB is small compared to the 8, 16, and 32 GB options of the iPhone, but it won't remain 8GB for long).

I cannot fathom gaming taking off or more so making a profit on the iPhone.

jinn3968d ago

it wont really affect it