Interview: Manny Granillo Talks MYST for DS

The thought of having such a revered game on a handheld – especially one this massive and time-consuming – has had many gamers pondering for a long time. How would it play? Would the experience be comparable to what they remembered?

Manny Granillo, Producer of MYST DS, says that was one of the things the development team needed to address. "We wanted to make sure we gave a complete experience without losing anything, but also create something [appropriate] for the DS. This version might be a little harder than the PC version, if you can imagine that, because you don't have a mouse hand. In the original, you could move the mouse and the hand would change whenever you land on a hotspot. In this case you don't have that help. That could make it harder, especially if this is your first time around [with the MYST series]."

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HarryEtTubMan3974d ago

Manny Granillo talks my STD's?

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TheWickedOne3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Myst is still one of my favorite point/click games. One of my favorite PC games of all time.

killer_trap3974d ago

i really liked that game. there was another point and click game that i liked about a girl going to the future but i really don't remember the name.

those were some really good times.

PS360WII3973d ago

Yeah Myst was a fun game and very frustrating all at the same time. Should be intresting to see how it fairs on the DS.