Get the Most Out of PSP Remote Play

A feature of PS3 that seems to have passed under the collective gaming radar is its ability to transmit any PSone game to a PSP, whether over local airwaves or the world-wide web. That's right, any of your old PSone games, fully playable, in your pocket. Have you tried it?

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whoelse3969d ago

Its alot better using CFW and putting your eboots on your PSP.

timmyp533969d ago

I kid =) Yea Sony should make a better explanation on the PSP and PS3 icon for Remote Play for casual gamers who are out of the woods.

InYourMom3969d ago

and it is a cool feature. Mainly I use it for video/music streaming. I really wish they would make more games that support RP. I don't want to play PSOne games and I am not going to pay for them so hopefully some full retail games will take advantage of it ala Lair.

jinn3968d ago

who even has a PSP anymore?

Ri0tSquad3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Are you kidding me? 90% of the people that post on this site do.

BTW, this feature and MKTrilogy just doesn't mix well. The delay is just too big, no matter what. Still, this feature works great for games like FF7 which don't really rely on timing as much as a fast paced game like MK Trilogy...which is very broken but still enjoyable.

PlayStation3603968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I'm sure he's kidding bro. The real question is who doesn't have a psp? I mean: skype, playTv (Europe), web access, all those other media stuff (mp3, Internet radio, etc.), BluRay (help from
Ps3), and ofcourse those dope games. And that's even without including homebrewing (makes it even better)

clearelite3968d ago

Most people i have talked to have no idea you can even access your ps3 via psp. EVEN A PS3 owner I asked was suprised. Am i the only one who thinks sony has some really weak marketing here in the states at the moment compared to their competitors. Dont get me wrong, ps3 is my favorite system. I just feel their marketing is pathetic and many people are misinformed about it.

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