Volition dev hints at imminent Saints Row patch release!

There is no official ETA as of yet. However, rumor is that the patch may be sent to Microsoft for testing as early as this weekend! That could mean the patch will be out within a week!

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malachi236395d ago


Not in the state it is, the single player is full of bugs and the multi-players lags bad.

Sphinx6395d ago

...I thought I wouldn't like it at all, but I went and rented it, then decided to buy it. I haven't had a problem with the single-player, but haven't gotten online with it yet.

PS360PCROCKS6395d ago

I love this damn game, it's very fun and well done

bloop6395d ago

Bout frickin time. The single player is absolutely riddled with bugs and the online is practically unplayable due to lag.


Saints Row - Where it All Began

Saints Row made its debut nearly 20 years ago, and while the game has aged its still worth playing on modern consoles.

banger8837d ago

Back when games had balls. Now they still have balls, but also lipstick and a dress.

kevco3336d ago

Or an angry purple streak in their hair to demonstrate they're a rebel.

SimpleSlave36d ago

And they claimed this place was one of the outhouses for Gamers™ and gamerGate Incels. Pfft! But look at bangerBro99's amazing display of Homo-eroticism. How far we've come.

So proud of you, bud. Now you go grab them balls and have all the fun. 👍


PhillyDonJawn36d ago

They should remaster the first 2.

1nsomniac36d ago

I think the first one was the best in the series by a long, long way!

Demetrius36d ago

🥲🥲 someone needs to buy this ip and watch dogs, give those franchises a proper treatment sheesh

TheColbertinator36d ago

First 3 games were great. Then 4, Gat out of Hell and the Reboot were flimsy in comparison. Aliens, demons and a weak reboot in terms of intensity made the games forgettable.

Profchaos36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

But even 3 ventured into rediculas territory with zombies and stag. Zombies in 3 to me was just a hey you know what's popular zombies let's do that

TheColbertinator36d ago

The endgame of 3 did get stupid but the game held together at the end. 4 was just annoying all the way through.

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Saints Row Is a Bittersweet Freebie for a Day on The Epic Games Store

Epic Games has just revealed the latest game made available for free for a day on the Epic Games Store, and it's Saints Row.

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Demetrius106d ago

Lmao wouldn't touch this mf rip off saints row if it was given to me, lmao I'm good still enjoying the real saints rows 1&2 someone should buy this ip n give it the real proper treatment

Gamingsince1981106d ago

I saw it was free and it still seemed over priced for what it was and didn't bother adding it to my library

RiseNShine106d ago

let the lesson be learnt, any more woke crap games will be sent to die, even more if they destroy a well loved franchise.

CobraKai106d ago Show
BlackOni105d ago

Contrary to your arbitrary argument, this game didn't fail due to "wokeness" lol.

phoenixwing106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

All I remember from this was I saw the news about how you can't make a well endowed female character and most of the settings don't help much with the female face. However they thought it was completely fine to let you make your character a toilet and went to great legnths to get it added. But yeah a dolled up female was out of the question.