Sony Reports Solid US Sales in Early 2008

SAN DIEGO, CA - A senior executive at Sony has reported solid U.S. sales for the company in the first two months of the year, despite economic concerns.

"We have already had a solid January and February," said Stan Glasgow, Sony US president and COO.

He noted that the company had a record holiday sales season, and that it had gained market share for some products. He added that he expected total global sales of Blu-ray high-definition movie players produced by all manufacturers to reach approximately 5 million in 2008, and that most will be sold in the U.S.

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decapitator3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Great news for Sony. Hope they can keep up with the momentum

BrianC62343970d ago

All I know is I'm still trying to catch up on games I bought last year for the PS3. Now there are a bunch of other new games. If I get MLB 08 The Show I might have trouble playing other games. And God of War on the PSP is a must buy. This isn't even the busy time. Sony sure is off to a great start for 2008. Much better than this time last year.

PStriple7033970d ago

Good to see sony and the ps3 back on track

sak5003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Sony sneezes it will become news. What next. How come sony's the only one shouting about sales numbers? Why isn't MS and Nin doing it? Maybe they are not worried.

So i guess this would be true right?

decapitator3970d ago

Well I dont know about Nintendo but maybe Microsoft isn't doing as well ? thats why they haven't said much. I could be wrong though.

hack64643969d ago

Its because microsoft isn't doing that great sales wise.

eagle213970d ago

That store has totally flipped Blu-ray quick! And that's all I am going to share in the gamerzone. hmmmm.... :) :)

decapitator3970d ago

It would seem you are right man. They were very quick to get rid of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.