First Details On The Sims 3

Consider this: The Sims franchise is the best-selling PC series in the world. Yes, bigger than games with the WarCraft name. Stack it up against console games, and The Sims' global sales are second only to titles that bear Mario's moniker. Yet many gamers still seem to associate The Sims with its dollhouse parts -- clothing packs, furniture exchanges, MySpace pages with soap-opera movies -- forgetting that there's an intricate game there, too. With The Sims 3 (teased yesterday), Sims Studio head Rod Humble and his team are trying to bring that aspect back to the front.

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Spike473969d ago

be on consoles toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the sims series, it is so awesome.

M337ING3969d ago

With all due respect to the console fanbase, consoles just aren't built for this type of game. All previous console sim games and ports have been mediocre. I attribute this mostly to the controller setup and loss of convenience factor, where all the average person has to do to play Sims while they're on the computer is double-click and play for a few minutes and then close out. I can't imagine sitting back in my living room in front of my TV and playing Sims with my PS3 or 360 controller. Its just one of those, "made for pc" games

And none of this "It needs console versions to sell well," the Sims is one of the largest franchises in the entire industry, overwhelmingly because of the PC versions.

bootsielon3969d ago

Army of two, Dead Space, the new FPS with fully destructible environments, Crysis, Sims 3, Spore... they're not bad! At least not always...

BigKev453969d ago

Sims, that's my last name.

MK_Red3969d ago

Well, for now it seems something like the canceled Sims Life mixed with all previews expansions into one.

Still, unless they're add more violent and adult themes to the Sims, I'm not interested.

Spike473969d ago

I know where you are coming from, the console fanbase does'nt even support this series much, but I don't wanna upgrade my pc again, I wana play the sims on my ps3.

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